Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh, happy day! A random update on my life

Today was a good day.  I like it when I can call it a good day.  Sure, it might have been draining (emotionally and physically) but it was good all the same.  The Lord is good to us. 

We started up a Homeschool Drama group with Mom as director and Becca as assistant director.  We had our second meeting today.  Last week we just got to know each other in a few fun "ice breaker" games, then got to run over a few characters in the script we had chosen.  It was lots of fun.  :-)  Today we auditioned for the parts we wanted.  Everyone got amazing roles.  Each person fit PERFECTLY into their given place.  It was wonderful.  The Lord, as Joshua reminded us before we left, certainly blessed us with a wonderful group.  I will admit that a few persons there seemed extremely quiet and I wasn't sure if they were going to be able to project enough sound so the audience could hear.... alas!  Little did I know about these wonderful people!  As soon as they got up on stage they were amazing.  They spoke clearly and loudly.  It was SO easy to understand them..  Lesson learned for the day was NOT to judge others before you know them.  Any way, as soon as they sat down from their roles they immediately transformed back into the quiet little souls that they were before. 

I can't wait until the actual performance day.  The script we picked is comedy and extremely funny.   The gist of it is:
   Sanders, who is the director in a large theatre, finds out that his budget for his Cinderella performance has been cut- by 80%!!   When Mrs. Brakes, the producer, informs him of this, he is outraged.  How can he put on a show with hardly any money?
    Well, as one of the stage hands accidentally happens upon a conversation between Mrs. Brakes and Bonnie (the president of the Board of Directors),  she finds out that the two of them are planning a cruise to the Caribbean- using Sander's Cinderella play money to help pay for it!
    When the stage hand, Pepper, informs Sanders of this disgraceful plot, he is furious.  Use his money, will they?  Well, if they expect him to put on a play with only 20% of his original budget, by golly he will give them one!  Using several other inept stage hands as actors and actresses and cardboard boxes for props, he soon has his show underway.  But let's not forget the charming carriage Cinderella must ride in- A red wagon!
    On opening night after Act 1 has begun,  Mrs. Brakes, who is utterly horrified, tells Sanders that the money was to be used for a cruise for HIM and his wife!

So, as you can see, it is a rather fun and ridiculous play.  It has definitely been a blast doing it. :-)  I am hoping to get some pictures from next practice to share with all of you... if I remember to grab the camera!

Other than that, life has been going on normally..  Nothing too out of place.  I am still working on school, trying to finish up so I can graduate this fall.  Whew, that has been tough work, but I enjoy it.  Especially science!  Science has always been my favorite.  I love learning more about God's awesome creations.  It is just truly amazing and strengthens my faith in my God.  He is Awesome and Mighty.

Oh, I will let all of you know that we seem to be recovering from the whatever-it-was illness we had creeping around here.  We still have the sniffles, but at least we are getting a full night's sleep.  Becca, however, started coming down with it, so I would appreciate prayers for her.  Thank you to everyone who prayed for us earlier.  We really appreciate it. :-)

Now I best get off to bed!  Busy day tomorrow... hardly got any school done today, so I got some catching up to do.. not to mention an interesting project that I will hopefully share with you all (if everything works out!)

In Christ's Service,


the Ink Slinger said...

That drama club of yours sure sounds like a neat project, Sarah! I'm not much of an actor myself. I prefer to watch other people act... and then pick apart their performances. Nah, just kidding! :)

So who's writing the scripts/stories?

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Ha! I dare you to "critique" our performance.. lol!! Just kidding.. if we did that, well... the results may not be good! ;)

we actually bought this script, but with everything we went through (not to mention stuff they threw in the script that just wasn't appropriate), we decided that we will write it..er, I will write it. lol! Mom will come up with the basic plot line, then I will type while I have some "whit helper" by my side... ;)