Thursday, May 31, 2012

In Need of a Post and a Laugh

I know it hasn't been that long since I've posted, but it has certainly felt that way!  We have been pretty busy around here, thus why I haven't posted. :-)

We recently cleaned out our very large tool/work shop. It is very large and can get messy rather easily. Part of the problem was that we had 2 different kinds of 'messes' out there, and that wasn't very fun. The people who lived here before us ended up leaving a bunch of their stuff in the shop, and then we have our stuff out there. Thus the two messes. However, it was absolutely wonderful to just get it cleaned out! How nice to have the space to work on vehicles, know where all the tools are, etc. And, it's rather exciting (to me, anyway), because I will be having my graduation party there. So, that will be nice.  We're also hoping to possibly host a dance or two this summer.... any one interested? ;-)
     The cleaning took up our memorial weekend, but that's why we did it then. 3 days of Dad home being able to help us and tell us where he wanted things etc (not to mention the help of all the muscles. =D)
How did everyone else's Memorial weekend go?

I do have a "good" post in the works, it's just going through final editing. ;-) In the meantime, I thought that I would post a few pictures that I have found on Pinterest. These gave me a few laughs, so maybe y'all will chuckle at them, too.  No, I'm not on Pinterest (though I'd like to be!), but I can't help looking on there every so often... ;-)

 Wonderful advice! I've heard a similar one, except its with a vacuum. Leave a vacuum in the middle of your floor so when people stop by un-expectantly, they'll think you were just starting to clean... ;-)

That one is SO me. Math and have always been enemies...

I hope that everyone is doing well! I've got a busy (but fun!) weekend ahead of me. Tomorrow I'm going into town to teach my fiddle students. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before... Yes, I'm teaching fiddle to 3 wonderful young ladies! It has been quite fun. Dad takes me into town with him on his way to work, drops me off at their house, I do a lesson, and then we hang out until someone picks me up.  This weekend, however, I have the honor of watching the kids for the night. It will be loads of fun. :-) I'll spend the night, and then the guys will take me home since they are coming over for a Top Shot competition that my Dad and few other guys have helped put together. I don't know if anyone has seen that show on TV before. It's pretty neat. There are 14 contestants (I think) divided into two teams. The teams compete in different competitions with knives, rifles, pistols, bows, machine guns, military guns, etc. If a team loses, they have to eliminate one of their players. It continues on until there are only a few left, then it's every man for himself. It's pretty neat/interesting to watch. Some of the guys are SUPER good.
   My Dad and brothers thought it would be neat to do our own out here on the ranch. So, they've got it all set up. This will be the second one. It's going to be fun because I plan on competing (possibly!). Watch out guys! Annie Oakley is comin' fer a visit!  Ok, just kidding. I'm not very good, but I do enjoy shooting. In any case, wish me luck! ;-)

Does anyone have some fun plans for the weekend?

In Christ's Service,

P.S. Sorry about the blog look... I was trying to work on it and totally erased some stuff accidentally. So, it's stuck like that until I figure it out or some techy person can come fix it for me. =P However, do y'all like the header? My wonderful sis took the photo, then I edited it on Picmonkey.

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Anonymous said...

Haha, loved this post! Your Pinterest pins were hilarious. =)

I really like your new header! good luck on the rest of the design as well. I'm NOT very techno-savvy, otherwise I would help you out. Html messes me up big time. =P

Frannie said...

Dearest Sarah,

Hello friend! First of all, yes, I really like your new header!

I really enjoyed this fun post; I know how hard it is to cleam out an old building filled with two different messes. But how rewarding it is to be done! And as far as hosting a dance, count me in! ;)

Blessings to you!

Jessica said...

I loved seeing a snapshot of your humor. :) Well done ;)

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Haha, I was going to say 'thanks' but since I didn't come up with any of them, I guess that doesn't work. ;) Yeah... I don't really care for HTML!! It's all very confusing to me.. ;)

Hello, dear! Thank you for stopping by! :) Alright, I'll put you down as an extra guest for the dance. ;) :)

Haha! Thanks. :)