Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hair Tutorials

Today I'm just going to be sharing a few hair tutorials that I found on Pinterest. Most of them will work well with curly hair (if you have naturally curly hair, or if you did the rollers the night before last). However, they will also look good on straight hair.

So, if anyone did their rollers the night before last, then you probably noticed that this morning (unless you brushed them out) that you still have curls. Normally on a day like this, I'll just finger brush them and then clip it back for a simpler look. However, after finding some of these tutorials, I'm thinking I just might try one of these! 

This one would look nice with straight or curly hair. Curly hair would add a little more texture to it. 

This one is very simple looking. Your curly hair will help add more interest to the back of the hair.

I enjoy doing this one a lot, though normally I'll leave it at step 3 (for curly hair especially).  After step three (if you didn't want to leave it down) you could either roll it like they say, or braid it and tuck it back in.

Bandannas in your hair add some fun interest.

Another lovely one for straight OR curly hair.

Sorry that the instructions are in Chinese, but hopefully the pictures will actually get the gist across. This one would look really cute with curly hair. 

This one has become a favorite of mine lately. It looks especially cute with curly hair and a fun hat or beret. I love wearing my beret with this style. :-)

So there you have it! Go check out Samantha's Tutorial for today! I think you'll really like it. :-)  Also, I wanted to thank Kathryn of Prairie Rose Designs for doing our blog button. She did a terrific job! Go check out her site. 


Alicia said...

That's really neat, Sarah. Keep up the great tutorials!

Lily Marie said...

These are so cute! I'd like to see more maybe ;)! I'm so sorry I haven't commented on here...we've started school, obviously, and i've been busy with that. But anyway, thanks again so much for being a faithful commenter on my blog! :)
Anyway, I love to find new hairstyles. I'm considering getting mine cut-just a possibility. Anywho, you have a lovely day, dear!! :)
In Christ,