Why the name fits

So, why did I choose "Through the Lilac Bushes" from all my other ideas ("Sarah's Krafty Korner", "Bobbing Poppies", etc)? Well, first off, I LOVE lilac bushes. They are my favorite flower. Period. So, imagine my joy when, after we moved to the house we are in now, I found some Lilac bushes! Three, all in a row, and right behind a small apartment building that is next to our house.

They had such lovely green leaves and such soft purple blooms that I instantly fell in love.

I then found their secret. A little covey, right inbetween two of them that was the perfect size for a young girl to sit in. When I crawled in, I was practically hidden from sight. I loved looking up at the sky through the flitting leaves, hear the wind rustle the branches together, and smell the lovely scent of the lilac buds.

This soon became a favorite spot of mine. Not only because of the loveliness of it, but also because it was my "spot". I would often times take my Bible out there with me to read in solitude. The bees that buzzed around the flowering bush would often times hear hymns being sung softly.

When I was frustrated with my siblings or my school, I would run outside, sit in my 'spot' and just pray to God. He would fill me with the peace, patience, and courage to go back inside again.

My relationship with my Saviour grew so much that I really think He gave me that special spot just so I would be encouraged to spend more time with Him.

So, that is why the name fits. :-)