Country characters here on the ranch

Howdy all!  I thought I would share some of the characters we like to 'play' out here on the ranch...This is sort of our 'about us' page....  I hope you enjoy your visit here!

Big John:
   Big John is the town Sheriff.  His word is law around here.  If any one gets out of line, they'll be sure to deal with Big John.
   Big John is one of those jovial fellows, though.  He is big and tough, but enjoys life.  He is married to Musical Mattie, the beautiful schoolmarm.  He also runs the local town fair and makes sure everythin' goes in order.
   He enjoys target shooting with Jokin' Jed, working on the ranch with Silly Sally, visitin' with the beautiful Miss Reading Rosie, and teasing Calamity Carl.  He is the best shot in the town.  He runs his own ranch and enjoys learnin' more about the cattle.  

Musical Mattie:
   Musical Mattie is the local schoolmarm of the town.  She loves all of her pupils, even if they do get a bit roughty at times...  Teaching is just another thing she does best.  She has won the baking contest at the town fair 15 years in a row... no one can compete with her. 
   Besides teachin' and bakin' up a storm, she enjoys spending time with her beloved husband and family.  She enjoys keeping her home clean and in order, but sometimes life runs away and the house gets messy.  However, one lesson she has learned, and loves to share with others, is that makin' friends and spendin' time with those you love is more important than a clean house. :-)

Readin' Rosie:
   Readin' Rosie is one of those lovely town ladies.  The star and beauty of the town, actually.  Everyone knows her and loves her.  She enjoys the domestic life at home, caring for her little pets and keeping her hands busy with crocheting, beading, or sewing.  Being the sophisticated type, she tries teaching the other 'unruly' type in the town some manners.  She is the best of friends with Silly Sally and the schoolmarm, Musical Mattie  She also enjoys helping out with the Town Fair and runs most of the booths (yes, runs from one to the other).

Silly Sally:
  Miss S. Sally does a right good job of roundin' up the cattle on the ranch.  She enjoys playing cowgirl, though she really actually lives it more than 'plays' it.. ;-)  She loves having showdowns with her rival, Jokin' Jed (who is secretly one of her best friends.. they just have to put up the show).  The show downs usually include races, chess games, shooting targets, and the like.  She and Jokin' Jed mostly have their competitions at the Town Fair. When she isn't workin' cattle, she'll kick back and enjoy some schoolin', readin', ridin' horses, and just whilelin' away the day chasing butterflies and rainbows. 

Jokin' Jed:
   Jokin' Jed is the roughest, toughest, meanest cowboy in all the land.  Ok, maybe not all that... he may be tough on the outside, but he has a heart, too.  Jokin' Jed is S. Sally's rival.  He enjoys preparing for any little showdowns they might be having.  He is the best at the chess games and races.  He may not be the best at targets, but he is the fastest draw.  Jokin' Jed, besides prepping for different competitions at the Town Fair, enjoys reading comic books (in order to keep his supply of Jokes fresh), hunting magazines, sharpening his knives, ranch work, and the like.

Calamity Carl:
   Don't let his name scare ya. Mr. Carl is the local banker, judge, mercantile owner, and doctor (though for some reason, most folks go to some other city for their doctorin').  He's always goin' 'round town makin' sure everythin' is all right.  There ain't nothing he don't do.  He is the taster and judge of the baked of the goods at the Town Fair, which might explain for the slight bulge in his waist coat...
   If S. Sally and Jokin' Jed are ever doing a show down, he'll be there makin' sure no one's cheatin'.  He also takes care of the chickens on his own little farm.  He enjoys the animals and loves spendin' time with them (when his other jobs don't interfere).  All his animals have rather interestin' names, though, so be forewarned if ya ever go out there. ;-)

The little town these folks lives in hold many other citizens.  However, we don't have time to go through all the lovely friends, neighbors, and relatives just now.  =D

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