Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dancing with Jesus (repost)

This is a post I did on the Country Musings blog... I just thought I would share it again. :-)

As I was listening to the Butterfly Waltz by Brian Crain, I was inspired to just dance. By myself. All alone. However, was I? No. Someone was watching. No, this isn’t from some romantic movie where the gentleman catches the girl in a room by herself dancing, or writing, and he instantly falls in love, etc. Who was watching? Jesus.

As I sat there visualizing dancing with someone, but not knowing who, I started to dance with Jesus. My wonderful Prince Charming. The first one to win my heart.

Have you ever been walking in God’s beautiful nature and all of a sudden you are filled with an extreme joy? A joy that makes you break out into your biggest smile as tears roll down your face? You spread your arms open wide and let the sun kiss your face, while the wind blows your wisps of hair so that it tickles your cheeks. You twirl and just feel SO loved, safe, and secure that every worry you have ever had, every doubt, every sorrow is gone. You look into the great big beautiful sky and just thank the Lord from the bottom of your heart for this wonderful beauty.

God loves us so much, that He gives us a sense of security. Only, this isn't the kind of security where you are constantly wondering if a computer geek is going to break into your computer and steal all of your information. This is a security that NO ONE can shake, NO ONE can take away.

Have you ever been hugged where the person hugging you just seems to envelope you in warmth and love? My wonderful Daddy is a big man and every time I hug him, I feel so safe, so secure that nothing could possibly go wrong when I am in his arms. Imagine God. He rules over the universe! He made the Heavens! He made every living creature on earth. Not even one single tiny bird that no one pays much attention to half the time can fall without Him knowing it.

So, if I feel that safe in my earthly Daddy’s arms, what about my Heavenly Father’s? His arms carry me through every trial and every storm. His arms can even carry me through death, where my earthly Father’s can not.

I Love to dance. Polka’s, waltzes, jigs, reels, and any other dance that is somewhat historical (I don’t care much for the modern dances they do now a days!). Waltzes, when long, can get somewhat boring. However, when we are dancing with Christ, it will never be boring. In fact, we could dance for hours and hours and still beg for more! Life is similar. We have our years when peace prevails, and yet we have those years where it seems chaos every time you turn a corner. There are years full of joy and happiness, and there are years of sorrow and tears. Guess what? God is with us all the time, though! He is with us through every single thing we do. Every single thing. There is NOTHING we do without Him. He is the Master Planner.

Unless you really hate dancing, dancing makes any one happy. Now just imagine dancing with your first Prince Charming!

As we walk, remember those lilies. Even Solomon and all his glory was not clothed as one of these! If those lilies are so precious, imagine what a human, created in God’s OWN IMAGE, is to Him!

So, walk barefooted in the grass, let the sun shine upon you, let the flowers brighten your day, and remember Who created all of them! Jesus loves you SO much, you just can’t imagine! When you are down, or feeling sad, talk to Him. He is always listening. He is always there to hold your heart safely in His hands.

I will be praying for all of you, though I may not know your names, that you will have the love and peace of Jesus Christ in your hearts and lives. There is nothing so sweet, so special as having Christ Jesus’ love in your life.

I encourage all of you to live for Jesus and to remember to dance with Him through storm, trial, and sorrow. No matter what, remember He is always there, ready to envelope you in His love, mercies, and Grace.

Dancing in the Sunshine and the Rain,


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Seeking to follow said...

What a beautiful post, what a beautiful piece of music. It reminds me of "Rachel's song":

And what a beautiful Savior!