Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Not as efficient as I thought...

Yesterday got off to a rather late start, unfortunately.  However, I was determined to make up for it.  After cleaning up after Brunch (breakfast so late it is practically lunch), I set to work on making some healthy snacks.  Trying to eat healthier this year, Mom and I looked into the benefits of eating 5 small meals a day.  That would mean, for us, eating a good breakfast, though nothing big, and then eating a snack in between lunch and breakfast to hold us over.  Often times, I think, we tend to eat a lot during meals because we know it has to hold us over until the next meal.  So, any way, I set to making some healthy snacks (I love snacks, but we never have any around...)- Granola!  I made some plain granola and soft granola bars with peanut butter and chocolate chips in them.  They are very good, if I do say so myself. ;-)
   Any how, I was feeling quite efficient, even with my late start.  I had cleaned up the kitchen, straightened a pantry, and baked some snacks.  Mom had told me that I would need to put on the left over veggie stew for supper that night.  No big deal.  Simply put the crockpot into it's base, turn on, add a few more veggies, and done!  As I set the crockpot down, turning the knob to 'high', I had a thought that said I should check it and make sure it was the veggie stew.  I quickly dismissed this because I KNEW this was the veggie stew.  So, I opened the bag of frozen peas, popped in a few more, and decided to not stir them in just yet (don't know why, just did).
    I went on with my day, read some more of my Bible, and was in the middle of exercising when Mom went into the kitchen to check on supper stuff.  Seeing that I had not stirred the soup, she graciously took a spoon and did so... much to my dismay when she cried out, "Sarah, what is this??!!"  I quickly asked what was wrong.  "This isn't veggie stew, it is Frito Pie meat!" (frito pie meat is like a chili.. hamburger and beans) 
     As you can guess, I was utterly horrified.  To think that I had put PEAS in FRITO PIE meat!!!  Oh, things just couldn't get worse!  We were unable to remove all of the peas, so we had pea-chili that night.  All through dinner I had to suffer the torment of everyone teasing me. ;-)  "'Peas' pass the butter"  or "Can you 'peas' give me another muffin?"  When the incident first happened, I didn't think it was so funny.  However, my Mom's wonderful philosophy "If you won't laugh, you cry- and that isn't much fun" came into play.  I eventually started looking at the funny side of it.
      While I helped to clean up, I started pondering what could be a Biblical lesson in this little escapade.  As many of you know, when something like this happens to me, I try to find a good lesson in it because it helps me remember.  If I find a lesson in something funny like this, then whenever I think of this funny incident, I remember the lesson.
     So, my moral to this story.......

NEVER add any ingredients to something you haven't double checked!!

Actually, although that is very true, that isn't what I was thinking.  I was thinking about listening.  See, when I was putting the crockpot on, I had the little urge to check what it was.  What disturbed me later is how quickly I dismissed that thought.  Often times I forget that God doesn't speak to us in a loud booming voice, but in a quiet whisper.  If we are still and LISTEN, we can hear Him.  If we simply go about our day, we will hear nothing from Him.
    This was especially true on a matter that happened recently.  As you may remember in an earlier post, I was talking about how a friend and I started up a writing club.  While relaxing to go to sleep one night, I was praying that God would show me what I needed to do.  I felt utterly lost.  I felt like I should be doing SOMETHING but I just didn't know WHAT!  As I prayed, a sudden thought hit me.  Here I was, asking and asking God to show me what to do, yet I wasn't listening for His voice! I wasn't listening for His answer. So, I stopped talking and just listened.  A small, yet powerful voice told me, "Write your books".  I, in my typical human fashion, immediately started asking questions. "How? I need help.  Should I start a writing club?"  All of these questions, and many more, flooded through my head.  As I listened again, I simply heard the same answer.  "Write your books."  Well, you know the rest of the story.
     So, as I pondered over my pea-chili, it brought back to mind that I wasn't listening.  If I had listened to that little voice telling me to check that pot, I wouldn't have made the same mistake.  Still, I have to say that I am glad I didn't listen because God was able to show me this lesson!
     When you are talking with a friend, it isn't much fun if they do all the talking, is it? I certainly don't enjoy it!  So, the same applies to us and God.  He is our Friend, our Best Friend.  When we talk to Him, we need to take a turn at listening.  He will talk to us if we give Him a chance.

In Christ's Service,


Grace said...

Good post, Sarah!!! Thanks for the encouraging post! I enjoyed reading it!
I mailed your letter {rather short I suppose;)} this afternoon...I think, hopefully, you should be receiving it soon!

Lady Helen Mar said...

Oh, thank you for posting this, It was an encouragement to me. I definitely know what you mean. There have been several times I have felt an inner urge to do something or say something and I don't. I always regret it later. I also need to start listening for that still smal voice and stop talking.
Through Christ,

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, Sarah! (as always!)
I how how you can take everday moments and turn them into something spiritual.

Prairie Momma said...

Oh, Dear One, you are such an encourager to find the lesson AND laughter in events like this. Peas forgive me for the jesting last night. I love you!!!!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Thank you! Ooh! I can't wait to recieve it!

Lady Helen Mar,
You're welcome. Thank you for commenting. :) It is hard, but at least the Lord gives us little reminders like this at times that aren't too critical. :)

Thank you, dear! Your words are encouragement to me! I just want to let the Lord use my writing to encourage others. :)

Thank you. I love you so much!!!! I will try to forgive you.. lol! The 'physical' appearance of hte "peas" doesn't help any.. lol!!

May Amelia said...

Oh dear... don't you learn the best lessons from what are sometimes the "silliest" events?! :D Thanks for sharing!!