Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 20: A Hobby of mine

There are so many that it is extremely difficult to choose....  Let's see.... The thing I probably enjoy most would be sewing or driving farm equipment.   Sewing is lots of fun, especially when I can come up with different patterns on my own.  I like seeing things come to shape under my hands.

Driving farm equipment wouldn't really be called a "hobby" I guess... =P  But I do enjoy it!  Especially the tractor! :-)

In Christ's Service,
Sarah who is about to fall asleep from lack of sleep... cannot...function...on six... hours of sleep! lol!


Anonymous said...


I am trying to imagine you driving around on that large tractor, tee hee. Just make sure you have more than 6 hours of sleep before you drive that machine, you hear? :)

-Lady Rose

Alexandra! said...

I want to learn to sew! :)

Prairie Momma said...

Lady Rose,
He-he!! Thank you! I will get a picture and send it to you. Ha, yeah driving that thing might not be a good idea with only a little rest. I have a hard enough time driving it with a full night's sleep.. lol!

Thank you for commenting! Well, I will say that it is definitely a fun hobby. I hope you learn soon! :)

In Christ's Service,

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Oops!! Somehow I posted my comment under mom's name.... lol!