Thursday, January 2, 2014

With The New Year Comes New Things

Hello readers! Happy New Year! It seems so very odd that 2013 is already gone. It went by rather quickly, it seems. 

A lot has happened this past year and so I thought I'd give a basic highlight of the more major things in my life. 

1.) I have been teaching fiddle to several students. Although I've had a couple students in the past, this year was when it really became more serious. I took on more students and am quite excited about it. I'm planning on doing a couple of recitals this year. 

2.) Drama. Play drama, that is, not the real drama. I have been extremely blessed to be part of ABC drama since it first began. I have always been interested in acting, and having this group has really helped me to develop my skills while still being in a family friendly, God-honoring environment. This fall semester I was blessed to get the role of Elizabeth Bennet in the play Pride and Prejudice. This is a role I have wanted for a rather long time. It was a lot of work, but definitely worth it (300 lines anyone?)

3.) Got my drivers license. This was definitely great for me. Because I'm starting to branch out and beginning to do my own things apart from the family, it has really helped. Not to mention that mom and older sister love it that I can run to the store for last minute shopping instead of them. ;-) I'm still getting used to it and haven't gotten comfortable enough to drive in big towns yet, but I'm getting there. 

4.) I got a job. Yup! This was quite exciting. I've learnt, over the years, that money really doesn't grow on trees. And when you are trying to save up or need cash for gifts and whatnot, it really is quite a bother that it doesn't. So, the Lord blessed me with a job. I am now a Nanny. Sounds kind of odd to say it, but there it is. :-) I go once a week for a wonderful, godly family. It truly was amazing how the Lord orchestrated this, but that is a story for another time. :-) 

5.) I got a book published. Seriously. A lot of you have already seen it, maybe even read it. It is a children's book and the Lord gets all the credit for it actually coming about. If you want to learn more about it and that, you should check out my author blog at I'm currently in the process of writing another children's book (sort of the 'second' in the 'series'). 

6.) We are filming a movie. Yup. That's right. Though it isn't professional grade or anything, we are filming nonetheless. It has been quite an experience. It is a 'medieval' sort of movie. A friend and I wrote the script (took about a year and half) and it has now almost been a half a year since we have been filming. Still not finished, but almost. I did all the costumes (which was quite the fun undertaking!). I am also co-director, cameraman, actor, and stuntsman. ;-) lol! 

That is probably it, although I'm sure I'm forgetting something. When you get old, it happens. (yes, apparently 20 years of age is very old, according to some of my friends... I've already been dubbed a 'senior' and 'ancient'). ;-) 

So, now that the old is out and the new is in, what am I going to do? Well, here are just a few goals I'm hoping/planning to accomplish. 

1.) Music. I really want to incorperate more music into my life. I've recently been learning more guitar stuff (finger style and adding new chords to my 'library'). I know the fiddle, but you can always learn something new. So I want to continue growing in that area. 

2.) Sewing. I actually did a lot of sewing due to the movie we are making with some friends, but I'd like to do more sewing this year on a more casual basis. Such as clothes for myself or crafty items. I'd also love to try my hand at refashioning. 

3.) Read more. Yup. It is very difficult for me to read a lot. Mostly because I read very slowly, and I have a hard time finding books that can really hold my attention that are still good literature. So, my resolve is to read more this year. For real. 

4.) Do better at keeping up with friends. This last year was so crazy, I feel like I really lost connections with friends near and far. I really want to make sure that doesn't happen this year! 

5.) Blog more. Blogging is something I enjoy, actually. It gives me a chance to write out thoughts (which is a good exercise for writers!). And I get to meet new people! That's always awesome. 

6.) Make it a healthy year. I have not always been so health conscience in my daily habits, but this year I'm determined to do better at that. Eat better, exercise more, etc. Trying to remember that my body is a temple of the Lord and I need to treat it as such. 

7.) Audio drama. Although I love movie/film making, I kinda feel as if I weren't cut out for it, really. It's been rather difficult for me to get a lot done in that area. One thing I have had a lot of 'luck' with is audio dramas. I have done several radio dramas with some friends (short ones, granted) and this year I plan on doing a big project. Can't reveal anything about that yet, but you'll get to hear about it eventually. :-) 

8.) *Really* dedicate time to the Lord. A lot of people make this sort of resolution (me included) and I want to make sure I really do keep it this year. I'm not a perfect Christian, and, therefor, I have failed in this area many times. However, a new year brings new beginnings, and "His mercies are new every morning". So, I shall begin anew. Mom gave me a great daily devotional that I'm determined to go through EVERY DAY. My brothers and dad also got one and my brother challenged the other two to get up early enough each morning to read the devotional and spend time in God's word before work/chores/school/play. I'm rather proud of him for that and I'm taking on my own challenge as well. :-) 

I think that is about it. I know I've got a lot of others, but these are a few of the main ones I want to focus on. 

What are some of your New Year's Resolutions?


Prairie Momma said...

WOW!! You are an eager beaver, my dear. I will be praying for you and encouraging you in this endeavor!! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it sounds like you had a great year of new happenings! =)

I wrote a post about my "major" resolutions, but of course I always have quite a few smaller ones, too, like getting my license (it really is time I finally did that, it should probably be on my "major" list =P ), exercise regularly, definitely working on better spiritual habits, like Bible reading/prayer, etc.

It's great to have a fresh, new start, isn't it? =)

Lydia said...

A lot accomplished and lots of new goals. You can do it by God's grace.I enjoyed reading your post. it is honest and from the heart. Keep it up Sarah! God is good!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

@Prairie Momma- Too much, eh? Perhaps... :) Love you, too!

@Samantha- Hey friend! Thanks for stopping by. :)
Sounds like you've got quite the list, too. How exciting! Yes, it most certainly is. :)

@Lydia- Thank you! I'm really looking forward to meeting these goals. :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)

Alicia Willis said...

Good goals, my friend! Now, I've actually helped you out already with one of them - read more! Heehee! Not sure if the novel is catching your interest, but at least your obliged to read. Heehee. ;)