Sunday, January 19, 2014

Give Away!

Everyone loves giveaways, so I'm kinda glad to be here to say that I'm sharing one with you. :-)

I don't like to spend tons and tons of money on makeup products. However, I have also been learning more and more about all the chemicals that go into cheap makeup. It's pretty nasty, let me tell you. So, this year I made the resolution to go ahead and try some 'natural and organic' makeup. I figured, it wouldn't hurt to try. Well, so far I've been really pleased. However, it does run a tad on the expensive side (But you just have to remember that it lasts longer!).

Well, a friend introduced us to an Etsy shop that sells very natural and organic makeup. Willow Tree Minerals is giving away an eyeshadow trio over at Samantha's blog. You might want to go check it out, read Lora's story, and enter!