Saturday, January 4, 2014

What You'll Be Seeing

I honestly hate coming up with blog post titles... can we just leave 'em blank?? I guess you could, but that would actually drive me crazy (more than coming up with a title would!). Maybe I tend to be overly creative and I want to think of some fun title instead of what it is actually about. Ok, Sarah, just be plain and simple. New Years Resolution #5,145. ;-)

So, in honor of some of my resolutions that I just posted about, my plan is to actually blog about them. I've lately been doing lots of herbal/heal yourself remedies and would love to talk about them. So that fits perfectly with the 'health' part of my goals. I would also like to post how I'm doing with keeping up in my Spiritual life and how God has been growing me.

Basically, I'm hoping to sort of cover those few things I listed. More pictures of projects I'm doing, what folks are doing around here, etc.

Lately I've wondered what my point was in blogging. I'm not really sure if I know the answer yet, but I tend to think of it as my 'online journal', in a sense.  A place to share thoughts on subjects and get other folks' opinions. Somewhere to keep distant friends and relatives up-to-date on what we're doing, etc. However, I would also like to make it an informative blog. Not that I'm an expert on anything, but I know that I enjoy reading other people's experiences with things they're doing, so I hope y'all enjoy hearing mine. Maybe you don't, though... Perhaps my blog is rather boring. Well, if it is, I do apologize. =P Sometimes life isn't always on the 'fast lane'. Often times I'm just toodling along life's highway at an easy pace.

So, be prepared for some new blog posts this year that will (hopefully) hold your attention, share interesting things, and keep you updated on what this crazy ranching family is doing.

Now, the point of this post? Nothing, really.... =P

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