Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My New Writing Blog

I know that I've posted links for my Wordpress writing blog, but, due to a few 'tricky' things with publishing a book, I've decided to get a different site. I know it sounds confusing, but it's mostly so that it matches up with my business email so I don't confuse folks too much. :-) Hopefully that paragraph didn't confuse my readers...

I will more than likely not use my wordpress blog any more... I might go and post just for sentimental reasons, but I'm trying to transfer it over to my new site. I am using Blogger again just because I really liked that HTML format MUCH better than Wordpress. Easier to navigate and whatnot. So, if you'd like any updates on my book publishing, want to read tidbits of my stories, then you can go and check it out here: www.bookwriter451.blogspot.com.  Really original name, 'write'?? =P

It's still under a bit of construction, but I'll be adding new pages and posts as often as I can. I'm hoping to have some good book giveaways, some author interviews, fun writing tips and ideas, and much more! So, please be sure to check it out and follow if you'd like to. Your support is always greatly appreciated!

Also, once my books are published and out on the market, I will post links to the purchasing sites.

Thanks so much, and I hope to see you over there sometime soon!

P.S. If you like my new blog design, and the blog design over at my new site, you should go check out This Blog Design Site!! Dani has lots of neat, fun, and chic designs! (and no, she didn't ask me to put this up... I just really like her designs and want to show some support and thanks for her work.)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Awkward and Awesome!

Howdy friends!! It has been quite a while since I've been on here. Feels like I left for a long vacation and have finally come home.

Well, to give you a very brief update, life has been very hectic around here as of late. I'm trying to finish up my book for publication, taking care of premie calves, reorganizing the porch/house, trying to get some sense of order in my daily schedule, teaching fiddle, etc, etc. Yes, life keeps going on and on sometimes. However, I have been enjoying it, in a sense, because I like to stay busy.

(not our calf.. just a pic on google... )

So that's my life in a nutshell at the moment. I'm hoping to get some more posts up soon... But, before I do that, I finally came up with enough awkward and awesome moments to do a post! This will be my official first one... =D


~Waking up at 5:45 this morning and stepping outside. I love that crisp, early morning air!
~Getting to spend an entire day with friends (who are more like family!! In fact, we pretty much call each other cousins)
~Having a cat sleep up on your shoulder at night. He keeps me warm!
~Waking up to snow on the ground. It didn't last long, but it sure looked pretty outside the window!
~Painting and redoing our porch. It is painted a light sage green, with a darker green accent. With the lovely furniture, it looks like something out of a BHG magazine!
~My amazing family!
~All the support I have received for my book writing. The deadline is drawing closer!! Eeps!
~Upcoming coffee dates with friends
~Hobby Lobby. Three cheers for standing up against the Government on the whole contraceptives!! Go give 'em your support, guys!
~A nice, hot cup of English Breakfast tea in the morning. I've weaned myself off of coffee and sugar. I figured it wasn't the best thing to have first thing in the morning.
~Actually getting my first A&A post up! This is pretty cool and fun!
~Calving season! I love all the new babies. What a picture of God's miracles!
~My new computer!!!
~An upcoming baby shower for a friend. Her singleness/courtship/marriage story is really neat!!! I wish she had a blog so she could share... perhaps I'll interview her someday!
~An upcoming wedding for another friend who also has a great story about the whole thing!!
~A surprise that involves things like this:


~Moments with a group of friends after someone's said something funny... we all laugh, then fall silent. Then, me being the goof that I am, I start laughing about it all over again and everyone just looks at me... yeah. Story of my life.
~Coming into the house after trying to teach a baby calf to nurse and your sister telling you you have cockle-burrs in your hair. Um, not really sure how they got there.
~Quickly heading out the store and, after wondering why people are staring at you, you're sibling tells you that you have a smudge of soot on your forehead... Great.
~While training the calf, the cow begins going to the bathroom. You quickly whip the calf away and try to shield it from the splatter... then you realize that the calf could really care less.
~Standing in the alley way in the corrals sorting cows on a windy day. A really big gust comes and gets a bit of dirt in your eyes. While I'm standing there trying to get it out, not really knowing whats going on around me, all the cows run past.... oops.
~Going up to a guy you haven't seen in years (he's older by several years, by the way). You're surprised to see him at this certain place... in your shock you stammer out a hello and 'you're looking good'. *Smacks Head*. He looks at you for a moment, then quickly says something and takes his leave.
~Getting asked to babysit for Valentines day, but only if you're available and don't have other plans... Um... yeah.
~Being asked by a relative if you have any boyfriends yet or if there are any on the horizon. Trying to convey to her that you are saving that for one guy (and no, he won't be a boyfriend and you won't be doing dating) and not super interesting in dating lots of guys...
~The same relative wishing I would go to college and 'have some fun' (with a slight nudge in the side...) Super awkward. I think I've given up trying to explain to certain people that I really don't do that. They don't seem to understand, exactly...

This one was more of an Awkward/Funny.... Trying to teach your new violin student a song. When she arrives for lessons, her mother informs you that she doesn't seem to be getting this one note right. So, you begin working on it. Sure enough, the note sounds off... It's a C#, so you work on getting the fingers right, do scales, different techniques to get that finger in the right place. Lesson over. While the student is putting away the violin, the mother asks if I would play the song really quick so she can hear how it's SUPPOSED to sound like... as you play, you suddenly realize that it's a C natural... not a C#... thankfully everyone laughed about it.. :-)

Alright! Let me know if you liked this post and if you'd like to see more in the future!! It was rather fun coming up with all of these... and I will say that some of them happened a while back, but oh well. :-) Perhaps I'll have ones that happened more recently.. in fact, you can almost count on it happening. ;-) haha!

Everyone have a blessed Weekend!!! I'm hoping to get some things posted on my writing blog to let everyone get an update on my book status...