Friday, December 31, 2010


2010 is OUT THE DOOR, and 2011 has made itself comfortable in a chair... looks like it will be sticking around for a while, at least a year. *wink*.

I will be doing a little better post tomorrow- er, later on today- about what I have learned in 2010, but I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year filled with the Lord's blessing!!

Love in Christ,

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Must read post...

Another fellow Maiden of Christ posted this amazing poem that she came up.  Lady Rose is extremely gifted in poem writing and uses it for God's glory, writing poems that really make you think about your life and walk with the Lord.  She recently did one that I really want to share with you all.   Please go HERE to read it and let her know what you think!

As I read it, I thought of how many things I "dream" of that I really just need to give to the Lord instead of holding onto it.  I thoroughly enjoy posts that make me want to seriously sit down and look at the way I am leading my life for the Lord.  This post has definitely done it for me!!  So, please go and check it out!  Click here!!

In Christ's Service,

Monday, December 27, 2010

Isn't it amazing...

... how God uses different circumstances to grow us??  Typically, for me at least, I have to go through a tough struggle to learn what He is trying to teach me. I can't seem to just get it right the first time. *sigh* Still, looking back over the years, I realized that even though, at the time, I hated the trials I went through, I am now thankful because I can see how much I have changed through those trials. Now, I am not being prideful because I know I have a long way to go yet!!
   I remember all the times my dear Mama would have to sit me down and talk over something I had done (I could list many things she had to talk to me about!). I always HATED being corrected about anything.  So, now I get to tell you about my new adventure!! *wink*
   A friend recently suggested that we start a writing club of sorts.  We can swap ideas, suggestions, etc, on the the books we are writing.  This is really great and is, in fact, an answer to my prayers.  See, I was, at one point very recently, really struggling about what I was supposed to do in my life.  I knew God had a plan for me, but I felt like I was doing nothing when I should be doing something-I just didn't know what!  So, as I was praying one evening in bed, I felt this small voice say, quite clearly, "write your books".  For those of you who don't know, my parents had kept telling me I needed to write and publish-that I had a gift the Lord had given me- but I didn't really listen. I wanted to do something more important. (yes, you can see where this is headed.. Pride goeth before the fall...)
    See, I had wanted to write books older people (young adults and adults) would enjoy reading.  However, my mom told me one day that she really felt like I needed to write children's books.  She told me that it was extremely difficult for mom's who are home schooling to find those in between books. You know, ones that are harder than "see the dog. See the dog run. See the boy. See the boy run..." yet slightly easier than those first chapter books like Amelia Bedelia.  Well, Satan was using my God given talent to distract me from what I really should be doing. I was letting the craving for fame and popularity cover the real reason I was writing- to glorify God!!  I wanted to be known for something instead of focusing on serving others (such as Homeschool Moms) by writing things that would be useful.  Sure, I will still write my other little stories that are for older aged children, but I will focus mainly on my other children's stories.
    Any how, back to my story...  Well, after hearing God's voice telling me to write my books, I was able to go to sleep.. however, "tomorrow's troubles" started pouring in.
"This is great," I told God. "Sure, ok, write my books. Don't I have to finish school and all those knitting projects I need to get done for customers? What about all that? I can't sit around writing all day, not to mention that I need some help with it too. I need someone to encourage, critique, suggest, etc on my books."  I was cringing at this thought. When I wrote, I only wanted praise, not critique or suggestions that I knew needed to be heeded.  Suddenly a thought popped into my head.. I had "met" several young people on blogger that seemed to be avid writers.  What if we could start up an email book club deal?  We could swap ideas, suggest things about other's books and whatnot.  A little club just like Tolkien and Lewis had.
   I didn't really want to start something right away. I wanted to let the idea settle down and grow for a bit before just jumping into things, like I tend to do.
   Well, lo and behold, just a couple days ago I got this email from my friend asking if I wanted to start up a little book club!  How amazing is that?  The Lord is so good and has definitely blessed me with this friend, who is very kind to offer a few compliments, but stick to the point of helping each other with our writing and growing in those skills (which means critiquing each other.. lol!  Suggesting things too, or course, so it isn't like we are too hard on each other..)
    So, this is my new challenge from God.  To learn to accept the suggestions and critique offered to me knowing full well that I can't be perfect right off the bat. Everyone needs a little bit of help, right?
    As I embark on this new journey of sorts, I would love for your prayers. I really want to grow in this area, but Satan isn't going to let me do it very easily. No, he will definitely shoot arrows at me from all directions. So, pray that the Lord will help me hold up my shield!!
    Also, after some editing and changes are done, I hope to maybe, just MAYBE, share my books with you all as well (if you can twist my arm enough.. hmm, is there a cyber way to twist an arm? he-he!)

On another note, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!  We definitely enjoyed our day just relaxing and enjoying each other's company.  My mom's Mom came down and spent the night Christmas Eve. Even though she lives right behind us, it was fun to have this little "escapade".  I got some lovely things that made me realize how truly blessed I am!! Even friends, whom I have never met in person but are my correspondences and who are very dear to my heart, sent me some goodies!! I was so happy to receive them! It was truly very sweet and I love every single thing they sent (especially the chocolate! lol!)
   Chocolate, actually, brings up a funny story...  Every Christmas, Mom and Dad send us on a "Treasure hunt" of sorts.  They come up with hard clues that lead us to one place or another and eventually to our final presents of the day.  So, one of the clues went something like this: "Way down south where bananas grow, a little brown bean waiting to be picked.... If you grind it and sweeten it some, you'll make a woman sing like a lark".  Josh piped up "Coffee!!"  And started to hurry off to where we keep our coffee grounds.  I grabbed him showed him the clue and said, "Make a woman sing like a lark? Chocolate!" Apparently the look I gave him was quite hilarious.... Wish I could have seen it.. lol!

Well, this is a rather random post... sorry about that. I guess random posts are fun every once in a while, right? Or have I been doing random all along?? ;-)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day and are now enjoying some relaxation time.  We got a big weekend with Daddy as his office was closed today! So, big plus for us! :-) (poet and didn't know it..)

Tell me what ya did for Christmas.. I would love to hear!

In Christ's Service,

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Christmas Season

First of all, Merry Christmas to all of my dear readers!!!  I hope that tomorrow will bless you with love, happiness, thanksgiving, and peace!

As the busyness of the season comes around, I have been extremely humbled.  I have been frantically working on Christmas gifts that needed to get done (staying up until 1:30 am last night trying to work on things!) and had almost lost the real reason we even celebrate Christmas day (or should I say, CHRISTmas?)
   My sister did an amazing post on her blog HERE.  As I read it, I felt extremely humbled by what the author said.  Jesus gave so much of Himself.  He, as said in Becca's post, came from commanding angels, to lying in the straw.  From holding stars, to grasping Mary's fingers.  The hands that held the Universe were pierced by nails.  Why??  He did this all for me. For me, for you, and for every other person out there in the world.
   He was willing to pick up this lowly sinner from the dirt, mud, and grime and look at it as a beautiful jewel for His Kingdom. He was willing to see me for what I could be, not for what I was/am. If He did that, he would see a piece of trash, nothing worth even taking a second glance at.
   Yet here He was, lying in a lowly stable amongst animals, dirty straw, and who knows what else.  Then, He died for me! He died so that He could someday have me in His Kingdom as one of His precious Jewels.  What right do I even have to something like that? To something so pure, so wonderful?  Yet He gives this to me freely.  As a gift that I need only to accept.
   This Christmas season is for celebrating His birth and thanking the Lord that He gave His Only Son to be born in a manger, and die on a cross....
   Merry Christmas!!!!!!

In Christ's Service,

Monday, December 20, 2010

Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

For Rebecca's birthday, she requested that we go and see the new Narnia movie, Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

After the disappointment of Prince Caspian, we were a little skeptical, but tried to hope for the best.  We were truly surprised.  Voyage of the Dawn Treader turned out much better than I expected! They actually kept to the book fairly well (maybe added in a few things, but they weren't too out of the story line).  Apparently, after Caspian was released, they got a lot of complaints from Fans.  So, they straightened their act and did a MUCH better job on Treader.  It was actually very fun to watch.  They added lots of humor, but there are a few scary parts, so I wouldn't recommend it for younger children.

They had some very good themes in the movie that I don't really remember in the book.  Lucy struggled with wanting to be prettier than she really was.  She had to learn that she is just how she needs to be.  Edmond struggled with wanting to be over others and not be told what to do.  He had to over come that as well.

I must say that my favorite character was probably Eustace. Not because he is that great of a character (though really, it is fun to see him change into a better person) but because they did a GREAT job depicting him in the movie. Whoever the actor was did a wonderful job.

I hope that they get a big response from this movie (in a good way) to encourage them to make the others follow the books!  Douglass Gresham wants to do Silver Chair next, so I hope to see that one coming out in the future.

Liem Neeson (the voice of Aslan) was interviewed about the movie (or one of the movies) and, sadly, said that Aslan just represented God, Budda, Mohammed, etc, instead of just the One True God.  Gresham, however, was bold enough to get up and say that, no, Aslan represented God and God only.  Besides, Budda didn't rise from the dead and neither did Mohammed (Good for him!!).

All in all, I would rate it 4 out of 5 stars and would recommend that you watch it, too!

In Christ's Service,

Sorry the pictures are blurred!!

Friday, December 17, 2010


That is what we all shouted as Rebecca walked through the door.  My dearest sister, best friend, and partner in mischievousness is turning 20 years old today.  I can't believe how time flies!!  I guess it flies fastest when you are having a good time. 
    Rebecca didn't want to have a big party this year, so instead chose to go out for a movie and dinner with the family (if y'all have checked out her blog before, you can probably guess what we went and watched!).  Mom hatched the plan of a surprise tea.  We invited invited older women who have been mentors to Rebecca as she has grown up and a few graduated friends.
    I can't tell you how HARD it was to keep this a secret!  I  love telling Rebecca stuff, so knowing something that I couldn't talk to her about-yet- was awful, not to mention that several times I almost gave it away, accidentally of course! 
    Our Nana, who lives just a few steps "up the hill" was very gracious and opened up her house for this occasion.  It worked out really well, actually, because I was able to get up yesterday morning and head up under the ruse that I was "making Christmas presents" (which we have often done in the past).  Of course, in stead of making presents, I was baking cookies, scones, sausage cheese balls, and phillo dough beef things (ha-ha!). Mom was able to come up an hour or two after I did to help with the baking and "clean as you go" routine. ;-)  She came up to "help me with the Christmas presents".  So, Rebecca, didn't know you would be getting food for Christmas, did you? lol!!
    We had to get her away, of course, so people could arrive.  Unfortunately, the only ruse we could think up was that she had a new customer for her photography business.  There is a small yarn shop in another town not too far from here that wanted pictures taken of yarn and whatnot so they could set up a website (I have no idea if they actually want to do a website or not...).  Nana used to work there so she was good friends with the owner.  Nana emailed Becca saying, "I was talking with Beth and she was saying she wanted to get some pictures of the yarn for her website.  I told her you were doing photography and she said she wanted you to come by sometime."  Any way, the date was set for Thursday afternoon right before people were supposed to arrive.
    As soon as Nana and Becca were out the door, the boys started scrambling.  Yesterday morning we had some snow (I'd say close to an inch, if not more...).  Our facilities around here actually lent themselves to this sort of thing very well.  We have a large shop a little way from the house that all the cars could park behind.  Caleb was supposed to direct every back there, and then Josh was going to bring them back to the house in our vehicle so the ladies wouldn't have to walk through the snow and mud. :-) Such gentlemen. =D  Well, as soon as Becca left, they scrambled to find their bright orange hunting vests to wear to they could direct every one to the right spot.  :-)  Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of those hard workin' boys. :-(
    Now we just needed Rebecca back home, and up at Nana's!  So, Mom called to let Becca know that the lady canceled because her husband didn't want her getting out in the snow (funny thing is, the lady really couldn't get out of her driveway-I guess that calling Becca and letting her know it was canceled as the original plan.  The other funny thing is that the lady isn't married!  Thankfully, Rebecca didn't know this... lol!)
    So, the two came back home.  Nana needed her to come back up to the house so show her something, then we all jumped out and shouted "surprise"!!!  It was lots of fun and I got it all on camera...he-he-he!!
   We had the table set with the little finger foods and whatnot and chairs gathered in a circle.  Mom had asked each of the women to bring a letter of encouragement or advice to bring and share with Rebecca.  So, after everyone had gotten their plates of food and tea in their cups, we took turns going around and reading Rebecca the letters, which she then got to keep.
   I thought it was a very nice time and I am glad we really had her surprised!!!
Now, enough talking!! I could tell a bunch of other stories about almost slipping, but I will just share some pictures of the day instead. :-)

Nana's funny dog, Benji, sitting on his hind legs to peek out the window

 Setting up the table

 Baking Chocolate Crinkles (SO good!! Crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the outside)

 A peek at all the wonderful snow! We were really afraid that no one would be able to come. Thankfully, every one (except one) was able to make it.

 Momma and I making the phillo dough pastries. She is cutting butter to melt, by the way


 Me checking on scones.. I think I burnt one batch, because I forgot about them, and almost burnt another.. sigh.

 Veggies, plates, cream and sugar!

 You can't have tea with scone, clotted cream, and lemon curd!

 One of the darling babies we had... ;-)

 Watching for Becca...

 All the beautiful tea cups lined up and ready to be picked!

Oh, and of course, I can't leave out pictures of the wonderful snow!!!! This is what it was Thursday morning, but I will try to post more of today's, as it snowed all night, I think...

 The snow droplets forming on the screen of a window

 The ice on the window (glass part) itself

Hope you enjoyed pictures and whatnot!! :-) I am SO glad to finally get some snow! Only problem is that we only get it today, next week is going to be all warm again. :-(  Well, I'll be "dreamin' of a white Christmas"!!

Love, Sarah

Monday, December 13, 2010

Internet is wonderful...

...not.  Actually, we have been having some internet problems here at our house.  No internet at all, whatsoever. So, if you don't receive any emails or see very many posts, that is why.  Thankfully, Rebecca's lap top is able to connect to the other wireless network, so I should be able to get on every once in a while until our internet gets fixed...

Any way, just wanted to let you know!!

Hope every one is enjoy The Christmas season!  Does any one have snow?? We don't and everyone (almost everyone) is rather disappointed.  However, I guess we shouldn't be because we were warned that it was going to be a warmer/drier winter than usual.  Guess California is getting most of it. ;-)


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas decorating pictures

Ok, so I am kind of late in getting these up.  So sorry about that! Been rather hectic around here!!! :-)

Any way, enjoy the pics.  Rebecca also posted some HERE.

First, the assembly of our tree.  Momma has bad allergies and, much to her dismay, can't do the real tree.  (notice the cat in Dad's lap being very "helpful")

Putting the last few branches on...

Yes, that is me, and yes I am wearing something in my hair.  That is my ingenious hair rags (aka fat quarters used as hair rags!).  Now, I have to say that this time the rags really did their job... ok, ok, I have to admit they had some 'help'.. Electrical help, actually.  As Dad and I were stringing lights on the tree, I reached down to get the roll of lights and felt a weird sensation go through my finger and the body.  I remember looking at dad thinking, "What you doing?" and then looked down to realize that the bulb itself had busted and now the little wire inside remained exposed. My finger, as you guessed, was on these wires.  I don't exactly know how many watts, or volts, or electricity went through my body, but my hair got "zapped" (you would need to be older in order to appreciate that concept...) So, there ya have it. Unfortunately I didn't think to get pictures of the final results.

Our kittens think that Dad's lap is most comfortable..

After I got zapped, I made Josh finish the lights.. lol!!

One Handsome deer! (this is the one Josh shot when he was eleven. Eleven points on his eleventh birthday!)

 Dad's "pretty" deer (dad shot this one the same year Josh shot his eleven pointer. Dad's is only a nine pointer, so we like to tease him about it.. somehow his poor deer always gets decorated somewhat "prettily"..)

I believe Caleb was trying to "hold" up the Christmas tree..

The finished tree..

Caleb putting in some snuggling time with Buttons

Lady.. poor dog!

Ha, thanks for the help, napper!

Not really sure what was going on with Josh. Maybe he got a zap, too?  From the look on his face it is definitely possible...

Well, there ya have it!!  I will be posting some more pictures later on of a special project we are working on.  It is a secret, so you will just have to wait and see pictures! :-)

Have you decorated for Christmas yet??

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Reel Quick...

No, I did not spell "real" wrong.  "Reel Quick" is actually my friend's movie review blog.  Whenever he watches a movie, he will do a basic review on it.  I find this extremely helpful, especially on older movies that other movie reviewers won't list.  He doesn't get too detailed on things, but also isn't vague.  Well, what I am rambling about? Go on over and check it out yourself!  Just click HERE!

Also, on a side note, I put up a music player. However, I set it so that it wouldn't do auto play (for those who don't like music play lists).  You just have to click on the play button and listen, if you choose.  Some of the songs I found are actually done in the Home school choir I joined up with this semester- Huron Carol (ours has a neat drum), Hush my Babe, Do you hear what I hear, Oh Come all Ye Faithful, and a few others.  There is one that I found extremely hilarious.. It is the "What Child is This?" by Jingle Cats.  I couldn't keep from laughing, However, I really do like the song (in it's original form) so I also included another version sung by a choir.  I don't know who did the cat version, but they certainly had a lot of time on their hands, and a really cool editing system.... Wonder how long it took them to record all those cat meows? Any way, pretty cute.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Quiz!

My Dear Friend, Samantha, did a Christmas quiz.  I love Christmas time, so I thought I would join in.  She did this a couple days ago, but I hadn't really been on here to check out every one's blogs!

Any way, here goes!

~Christmas Favorites Quiz~

1. Three of your favorite Christmas carols:

"O Holy Night"
"What Child is this?" (I think that is a carol??)
"Hark the Harald Angels sing"

2. Three Favorite Christmas songs:

"One Small Child"
"Walking in a Winter Wonderland"
"Deck the Halls"

3. Four favorite Christmas traditions:

1) Driving around town after shopping looking at all the beautiful lights and sipping cocoa while Christmas music is playing in the car.
2) Shopping for Stocking stuffers (we don't do Santa Claus, but instead go and buy little things for each other. No one knows who bought who what. It is lots of fun trying to shop in a tiny store without any one seeing what is in your basket!)
3) Getting up on Christmas morning and reading the Christmas story, then eating our Christmas Breakfast (I love eating breakfast first before opening presents because it helps us to focus on the real reason for Christmas!)
4) Watching "It's a Wonderful life" or "Christmas Carol" on Christmas eve
4. Three favorite holiday cookies

Ooh, that is hard.. we don't really have cookies very often, believe it or not. We don't eat desserts very often. ;-) However, my favorite holiday cookies would be Pecan Pinwheels, Shortbread cookies (that melt in your mouth!), and those cookies with the little bit of jam in the middle (thumbprints??)

5. Does your Christmas tree have a theme ( snowflakes,
nature, red & green, etc.) or just a collection of ornaments?

Just lights (whatever works each year!) and all the different ornaments we have collected or made over the years.

6. Three favorite Christmas ornaments

My Ballerina dancer (used to be in ballet.. surprise, surprise), Our Pretty "drip drop" glass ornament (which unfortunately broke this year *sob*) and my little bell with the mouse hanging on the rope (which I received from my Great-Aunt and Uncle when I was born!)
7. Do you like snow?


8. Hot chocolate or coffee?

I can't drink coffee in the evenings, so I prefer hot chocolate.. especially after a cold morning of milking the cow or breaking ice with my brother!!
9. Do you decorate indoors and out?

Only inside. We live out in the middle of nowhere so no one can see our lights. ;-)
10. Do you like to decorate before Thanksgiving, or after?
After.. I agree with you, Samantha.. before Thanksgiving would be a bit early!
11. Name 3 things you like doing in the snow:

Snow ball fights
Walking in the wonderful, cold blanket
Trying to build a fort (we never do finish.. either because there isn't enough snow or because we never have enough time.. lol!)

12. Do you usually make at least one
handmade gift for someone each year?

Most (or all) of my gifts are homemade

13. Name one of your favorite Christmas books:

The Candy Cane (it is a children's book, but I really enjoy that one. :-) )

14. Favorite Christmas movies?

~It's a Wonderful Life
~Charlie Brown Christmas
~Christmas Carol
~Muppet Christmas carol
~The Christmas box (and the prequel.. can't remember the name!)
Thanks for doing this, Samantha!! That was fun!!!
Hope y'all will do it too.  If you do, let me know!