Saturday, December 4, 2010

Reel Quick...

No, I did not spell "real" wrong.  "Reel Quick" is actually my friend's movie review blog.  Whenever he watches a movie, he will do a basic review on it.  I find this extremely helpful, especially on older movies that other movie reviewers won't list.  He doesn't get too detailed on things, but also isn't vague.  Well, what I am rambling about? Go on over and check it out yourself!  Just click HERE!

Also, on a side note, I put up a music player. However, I set it so that it wouldn't do auto play (for those who don't like music play lists).  You just have to click on the play button and listen, if you choose.  Some of the songs I found are actually done in the Home school choir I joined up with this semester- Huron Carol (ours has a neat drum), Hush my Babe, Do you hear what I hear, Oh Come all Ye Faithful, and a few others.  There is one that I found extremely hilarious.. It is the "What Child is This?" by Jingle Cats.  I couldn't keep from laughing, However, I really do like the song (in it's original form) so I also included another version sung by a choir.  I don't know who did the cat version, but they certainly had a lot of time on their hands, and a really cool editing system.... Wonder how long it took them to record all those cat meows? Any way, pretty cute.


Martha Joy said...

Thanks for the link, Sarah!
Love you,
Martha Joy

PrincessR said...

His new blog is neat. Thanks for passing it along. :)

Thanks for not making the music the first thing you hear if you don't have your volumne on "mute". It is a bit irritating when you are trying to listen to your own music and you hear everyone else's. BUT, it is nice to hear some songs you enjoy. Nice comprimise.
Your Favorite Sister

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! Looks interesting.

Ellie said...

Awwwww. Oh my goodness, your snow is soooooo cool!!! Hopefull it will snow on the 10th. ♪♫ Just a teensy weensy bit. Ahh, Sarah, that is so cute! I love it! Can't wait for tommorow!!! MEL

Martha Joy said...

Hey, Sarah!!! You got the snow to come on!!!!! Did it work like wordpress' snow? It looks just the same as mine! ;)
I love you!!!
Have a wonderful day,
Martha Joy

Sarah said...

Yeah I know!! I saw it on Martha Joy's blog (I think I may have seen it before, but a long time ago) and I wanted to find some. So, I just searched for it and found some places that gave you a whole bunch of links for different falling stuff; snow, leaves, flowers, ornaments, bigger snowflakes, holly berries, etc, etc, etc.
Yeah, I am praying for just a little bit of snow! If there is too much, no one can come to the concert. But just a lil' will be perfect!!

Martha Joy,
YES!! I am really excited. Since We don't have snow here (right now) I gotta have snow somewhere! lol! I think it is the same. I had found one that was big snow flakes that actually had a design on them, but I thought those were too big and kind of took the attention away from the blog itself. So, I just found another and changed it. There was one that was called "Snow storm" and every once in a while the snow would go whooshing across the screen as if a big gust of wind was pushing it around. That was pretty cool too, but I prefered the soft snowfall. :)

Love you! Sarah