Friday, December 17, 2010


That is what we all shouted as Rebecca walked through the door.  My dearest sister, best friend, and partner in mischievousness is turning 20 years old today.  I can't believe how time flies!!  I guess it flies fastest when you are having a good time. 
    Rebecca didn't want to have a big party this year, so instead chose to go out for a movie and dinner with the family (if y'all have checked out her blog before, you can probably guess what we went and watched!).  Mom hatched the plan of a surprise tea.  We invited invited older women who have been mentors to Rebecca as she has grown up and a few graduated friends.
    I can't tell you how HARD it was to keep this a secret!  I  love telling Rebecca stuff, so knowing something that I couldn't talk to her about-yet- was awful, not to mention that several times I almost gave it away, accidentally of course! 
    Our Nana, who lives just a few steps "up the hill" was very gracious and opened up her house for this occasion.  It worked out really well, actually, because I was able to get up yesterday morning and head up under the ruse that I was "making Christmas presents" (which we have often done in the past).  Of course, in stead of making presents, I was baking cookies, scones, sausage cheese balls, and phillo dough beef things (ha-ha!). Mom was able to come up an hour or two after I did to help with the baking and "clean as you go" routine. ;-)  She came up to "help me with the Christmas presents".  So, Rebecca, didn't know you would be getting food for Christmas, did you? lol!!
    We had to get her away, of course, so people could arrive.  Unfortunately, the only ruse we could think up was that she had a new customer for her photography business.  There is a small yarn shop in another town not too far from here that wanted pictures taken of yarn and whatnot so they could set up a website (I have no idea if they actually want to do a website or not...).  Nana used to work there so she was good friends with the owner.  Nana emailed Becca saying, "I was talking with Beth and she was saying she wanted to get some pictures of the yarn for her website.  I told her you were doing photography and she said she wanted you to come by sometime."  Any way, the date was set for Thursday afternoon right before people were supposed to arrive.
    As soon as Nana and Becca were out the door, the boys started scrambling.  Yesterday morning we had some snow (I'd say close to an inch, if not more...).  Our facilities around here actually lent themselves to this sort of thing very well.  We have a large shop a little way from the house that all the cars could park behind.  Caleb was supposed to direct every back there, and then Josh was going to bring them back to the house in our vehicle so the ladies wouldn't have to walk through the snow and mud. :-) Such gentlemen. =D  Well, as soon as Becca left, they scrambled to find their bright orange hunting vests to wear to they could direct every one to the right spot.  :-)  Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of those hard workin' boys. :-(
    Now we just needed Rebecca back home, and up at Nana's!  So, Mom called to let Becca know that the lady canceled because her husband didn't want her getting out in the snow (funny thing is, the lady really couldn't get out of her driveway-I guess that calling Becca and letting her know it was canceled as the original plan.  The other funny thing is that the lady isn't married!  Thankfully, Rebecca didn't know this... lol!)
    So, the two came back home.  Nana needed her to come back up to the house so show her something, then we all jumped out and shouted "surprise"!!!  It was lots of fun and I got it all on camera...he-he-he!!
   We had the table set with the little finger foods and whatnot and chairs gathered in a circle.  Mom had asked each of the women to bring a letter of encouragement or advice to bring and share with Rebecca.  So, after everyone had gotten their plates of food and tea in their cups, we took turns going around and reading Rebecca the letters, which she then got to keep.
   I thought it was a very nice time and I am glad we really had her surprised!!!
Now, enough talking!! I could tell a bunch of other stories about almost slipping, but I will just share some pictures of the day instead. :-)

Nana's funny dog, Benji, sitting on his hind legs to peek out the window

 Setting up the table

 Baking Chocolate Crinkles (SO good!! Crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the outside)

 A peek at all the wonderful snow! We were really afraid that no one would be able to come. Thankfully, every one (except one) was able to make it.

 Momma and I making the phillo dough pastries. She is cutting butter to melt, by the way


 Me checking on scones.. I think I burnt one batch, because I forgot about them, and almost burnt another.. sigh.

 Veggies, plates, cream and sugar!

 You can't have tea with scone, clotted cream, and lemon curd!

 One of the darling babies we had... ;-)

 Watching for Becca...

 All the beautiful tea cups lined up and ready to be picked!

Oh, and of course, I can't leave out pictures of the wonderful snow!!!! This is what it was Thursday morning, but I will try to post more of today's, as it snowed all night, I think...

 The snow droplets forming on the screen of a window

 The ice on the window (glass part) itself

Hope you enjoyed pictures and whatnot!! :-) I am SO glad to finally get some snow! Only problem is that we only get it today, next week is going to be all warm again. :-(  Well, I'll be "dreamin' of a white Christmas"!!

Love, Sarah


Ellie said...

Oh so much fun!!! I am glad we surprised her, those things are always sooo tricky. It was a wonderful party!!

Farmgirl said...

How fun!!! Happy Birthday to your sister!

The Wells Family said...

Okay Sarah, this is going to be hard but I am going to try to be you requested!:) haha! Those are really great pix and I enjoyed all the details that you wrote out. It was definitely a fun party, (of course, It was at the Heckendorns, why would it not be fun;) We always enjoy our time with you all...
Love, Your Cousin, Vanessa=)

the Ink Slinger said...

Happy 20th, Rebecca!

The party sounds like quite the elaborate set up, I have to say. Glad you guys had a fun celebration. I know Mom was disappointed she couldn't make it. We got WAY more than an inch of snow... :)

Can't wait to hear what you thought of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader!

Anonymous said...

Surprise are always so much fun!
Looks like you had a lovely time. =

Carolyn said...

How fun! Wish I could have been there.

Guess what... you are in my blog!!

Lady Kara said...

What a sweet blog! I enjoyed reading about your tea party. The table setting was beautiful, the menu tempting. I also love your skirt! (or is it a dress?) Please wish your sister a Happy Birthday for me.

God bless,

Lady Kara

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone!! I know she appreciates the birthday wishes!

Carolyn, thanks!! That was such a sweet post! :)

Lady Kara,
Thanks for stopping by! It was very nice to recieve your comment. :) That is a skirt. One that I made, actually. :) It is definitely a fun outfit to wear. :)

Anonymous said...


Oh, I wish I could have been at your tea party that you had for your sister, Rebecca. From the pictures and the story that you told, it all sounded like much fun and happy times. :)

-Lady Rose