Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas decorating pictures

Ok, so I am kind of late in getting these up.  So sorry about that! Been rather hectic around here!!! :-)

Any way, enjoy the pics.  Rebecca also posted some HERE.

First, the assembly of our tree.  Momma has bad allergies and, much to her dismay, can't do the real tree.  (notice the cat in Dad's lap being very "helpful")

Putting the last few branches on...

Yes, that is me, and yes I am wearing something in my hair.  That is my ingenious hair rags (aka fat quarters used as hair rags!).  Now, I have to say that this time the rags really did their job... ok, ok, I have to admit they had some 'help'.. Electrical help, actually.  As Dad and I were stringing lights on the tree, I reached down to get the roll of lights and felt a weird sensation go through my finger and the body.  I remember looking at dad thinking, "What you doing?" and then looked down to realize that the bulb itself had busted and now the little wire inside remained exposed. My finger, as you guessed, was on these wires.  I don't exactly know how many watts, or volts, or electricity went through my body, but my hair got "zapped" (you would need to be older in order to appreciate that concept...) So, there ya have it. Unfortunately I didn't think to get pictures of the final results.

Our kittens think that Dad's lap is most comfortable..

After I got zapped, I made Josh finish the lights.. lol!!

One Handsome deer! (this is the one Josh shot when he was eleven. Eleven points on his eleventh birthday!)

 Dad's "pretty" deer (dad shot this one the same year Josh shot his eleven pointer. Dad's is only a nine pointer, so we like to tease him about it.. somehow his poor deer always gets decorated somewhat "prettily"..)

I believe Caleb was trying to "hold" up the Christmas tree..

The finished tree..

Caleb putting in some snuggling time with Buttons

Lady.. poor dog!

Ha, thanks for the help, napper!

Not really sure what was going on with Josh. Maybe he got a zap, too?  From the look on his face it is definitely possible...

Well, there ya have it!!  I will be posting some more pictures later on of a special project we are working on.  It is a secret, so you will just have to wait and see pictures! :-)

Have you decorated for Christmas yet??


Atlanta said...

Fun! We've been decorating too, acutally Mom and the kids have. :^) Yall's tree looks nice, and I like the deer decor! lol.

Johanna said...

I do so love decorating too dear Friend! Loved looking at your pictures, and I really love your deer head on the wall! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm working on decorating! We have been so busy, that decorating is taking longer than usua this year.
Hearing you light story, I had a terrible time putting the lights on our tree!! I put them all up, but then realized that I didn't have the right plug to plug into the outlet ( a smooth end instead of pronged).
So I took them off and did them again. I plugged them in and....

half of them didn't light!!
So I did it AGAIN, and finally they all worked. =)

At least it looks Christmas-sy outside. The snow is still sticking around, and we could get another possibly big snow on Saturday. Either that or rain- yuck. I hate rain in the winter. It makes everything soggy and yucky.

I hope you can get some snow soon! It makes everything so pretty. =)

the Ink Slinger said...

Neat, Sarah. Looks like ya'll were having fun, too! :)

We finished the majority of our Christmas decorating last Saturday. We now have our tree bedecked with lights, garlands, and ornaments; and outside, we have lights (white and multi-colored) on the house, deck, and even the trees in the front yard. Pretty cool!


Great pictures!! Who took the one of you??? :):) It was a lot of fun... :D
Your Favorite Sister

Martha Joy said...

Thanks for the pictures, Sarah! Yes, we have most of our decorating done, but we keep coming up with more things to do! ;)
Love you,
Martha Joy

PrincessR said...

Hey! I like the new background! VERY cute! :)

Ellie said...

Hey!! Love, love, love the new background. winter is just not coming fast enough!!! you have put me in the mood! See you tonight!! ♪♫
Love ya dear!