Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Hair Tutorials

I hope y'all are enjoying the hair tutorials! I'm having fun picking them out! Today I'm actually sharing a few videos that I really liked. This first one is what I used for yesterday's Dressy hair do. She braided hers, I twisted mine. I had a hard time with the braids, so I compromised. ;-)


So sorry about the different language, but I thought this one looked neat. :-) Looks extremely complicated, yet it seems rather easy to do.

This one looks very simple, yet elegant. Perfect for a quick up-do.

Hmm. these look really neat! I want to try it sometime!

This one is slightly similar to the one I did for Flowers Theme. However, it looks like this one would work well with those who have naturally curly hair. However, for those of us who don't, don't lose hope! I bet that if we did the rag rollers (or whatever method you prefer for curling), that you could do this as well. In fact, I think I'm going to try it. :-)

 And there ya have it! :-) I'm thinking that I'll have to try the Bohemian braids. Maybe I'll be able to do it for a day in the fashion show.... :-)


Hello Ladies! It's day 4 of our Modest Fashion Show. Today's theme was Dressy. I'm rather late at posting again, but I have a good excuse: Cattle. Yes, we came home from church and I had just enough time to snap a few pictures of my outfit, then quickly change and head out to round up some cows. It was an extremely interesting adventure (one I plan to post about in my 'Daily Life on the Ranch' series).  So, I'm sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. =P Huge thank you to Josh, though, for taking them for me!!! :-)

Specs on my outfit:
Skirt-Thrift Stoe
Camisole- Kohls
Cardigan- Walmart (The top is a cami with a cardigan over it.. but it's hard to see them in the pictures!)
Shoes- Walmart
Jewelry- gift from my brother's. I absolutely love this necklace/earring set!!!
Hair Do- Elegant Twist Up (that's the name I just gave it...)  This was inspired from Downton Abbey. We began watching the first season so we're ready for the third one when it comes out in January. I know it's awful... but, I've really enjoyed it so far! (except for a few episodes... ) I'll be posting a tutorial for that hair style tomorrow.

Samantha's Specs:
Dress: eShakti
Lacey 'top'- CamiSecret
Shoes- Kohls
Hair- Dutch braid Up-do
Hair flower- Etsy

(You can also check out the review that Samantha did on this dress Here.)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hair Tutorial


Once again, I just pulled a few things off of Pinterest. =P However, I think you'll find some inspiration from them! I'm thinking I might try one for tomorrow's Dressy Theme. :-)

This one could also double as a Civil War hair-do, I believe.

French Twists are always a 'classic'. You just can't go wrong with it. It works well for fancy dinners or just a casual day at the house.
Wrapped pony tails are really coming into style. In fact, Mrs. Ryan wore a wrapped pony tail for the Republican convention. I've also seen several pictures of movie stars sporting this style. 
All you do is put your hair in a pony, take a small section from underneath and wrap it around. Then secure it with a bobby pin and voila! You can also braid the section if you want to add more interest. If you hair is really long, you may just want to wrap it once or twice and then let the rest just hang. 

French Herringbone with a bun at the end. Nice! I really want to try this!

And just to add a little something fun to you 'dos.

I want make a quick note and say thank you to everyone who has participated in our Fashion Show so far! There is still time to join in if you haven't (and remember, there are prizes!). We've got some more fun themes coming up that I hope you'll participate in. All of ya'll's outfits have been so fun to see. It's great to look at how creative y'all are! :-)

A quick question for all the participants... How has it been, posting every other day? Have you liked it, not liked it?

Friday, September 28, 2012


Hello, Ladies! Today's outfit theme is Nautical. For those who might be confused, I had to switch the Vintage and Nautical themes. So, Vintage will now be on the 4th of October.

When I woke up this morning, I really had no idea as to what in the world I'd wear for the Nautical theme. I really didn't have anything.... or so I thought! It's amazing how creative you can become when you just start looking through your clothes.

Specs for my outfit:
Hat: A leftover prop from a children's program that I helped out with.
Shirt: Walmart
Sweater- Roamans 
Skirt- Cato
Flip Flops- Walmart (yes, I do a lot of shopping at Walmart... but that's because it is only 25 minutes away, and all other clothing stores are about an hour away. :-)
Hair- Done in the 'Knot Your Average Pony Tail' from yesterday's post.

(Thank you to my brother, Josh, for taking these pictures for me!)

Samantha's outfit. I love how did she the striped shirt! :-) 

Samantha's Specs:
Shirt -
Jeans - Bergners
Sandals - Kohls
Hair - Messy Side Braid

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hair Tutorials

Today I'm just going to be sharing a few hair tutorials that I found on Pinterest. Most of them will work well with curly hair (if you have naturally curly hair, or if you did the rollers the night before last). However, they will also look good on straight hair.

So, if anyone did their rollers the night before last, then you probably noticed that this morning (unless you brushed them out) that you still have curls. Normally on a day like this, I'll just finger brush them and then clip it back for a simpler look. However, after finding some of these tutorials, I'm thinking I just might try one of these! 

This one would look nice with straight or curly hair. Curly hair would add a little more texture to it. 

This one is very simple looking. Your curly hair will help add more interest to the back of the hair.

I enjoy doing this one a lot, though normally I'll leave it at step 3 (for curly hair especially).  After step three (if you didn't want to leave it down) you could either roll it like they say, or braid it and tuck it back in.

Bandannas in your hair add some fun interest.

Another lovely one for straight OR curly hair.

Sorry that the instructions are in Chinese, but hopefully the pictures will actually get the gist across. This one would look really cute with curly hair. 

This one has become a favorite of mine lately. It looks especially cute with curly hair and a fun hat or beret. I love wearing my beret with this style. :-)

So there you have it! Go check out Samantha's Tutorial for today! I think you'll really like it. :-)  Also, I wanted to thank Kathryn of Prairie Rose Designs for doing our blog button. She did a terrific job! Go check out her site. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hello Ladies! I apologize for the lateness of this post. My day just kind of whizzed by when I suddenly remembered that I still needed to post! This one will be slightly long as I've got pictures of the second part for the up-do. Did anyone sleep in curlers last night?? ;-) Well, to be honest... I didn't. Yes, this morning I woke up and thought, "Oh no! I didn't put in my rollers!" So, I quickly spritzed my hair with some water, getting it just slightly damp, and put them in. Well, lo and behold, it actually worked to only have them in for a few hours! This is extremely handy to know because now I won't have to sleep in the rags all the time (which, although they are more comfortable than knotted rags, still aren't THAT comfortable).

So, when you are unrolling your rags, untwist the ends and unroll about a half turn, just to get your hair loose from the scalp. Then, turn your roller upright and untwist it as if you were going around a spring.

If you roll it straight down, you'll get this:

It can be fixed, though, by simply inserting your finger into the first 'twist' of the curl, then twirling your finger in the direction you want the curl to go, all the day down to the end.

Once all of your curls are out, it will look like this. my hair used to do tighter, more kinky curls. However, as its grown out and gotten heavier, it looks more like... I don't know what. I want to say Scarlett O'Hara curls, but I don't honestly know if that is what her hair looks like. =P

Separate each of the curls, then run your fingers through it gently. This will fluff them up for the up-do.

Once all that is done, gently brush your hair back (erasing the part in your hair) into a pony tail. Don't brush all the way through the end of the curl. Just run a wide toothed comb, or your fingers, from your scalp back until the curls begin.
Gather your hair and twist it as if you were putting it into a bun. Do only a half circle, though, and then let the curls fall down around it.

Secure with several bobby pins or clips, depending on what holds your hair best. I usually use 2-3 clips around the outside to hold the general weight, and then use bobby pins (since you can't see them) for around the rest.

  Now take a lovely accent (in this case, its two flowers sewn onto a length of ribbon), and put it on the side. Since mine has a ribbon, I'm going to wrap the ribbon around the outside of the 'curly bun', then tie it in a bow on the opposite side of the flowers. If it's just a clip, just clip it on the side.

Voila! You're all done. This is a wonderful up-do for just about any occasion. It can be dressed down with a denim skirt and casual top, or dressed up with a fancy outfit. I've worn this to nice dinners or dances, casual BBQs, you name it.  I've also taken those tiny sew on roses from Joanns (you can also find them at Hobby Lobby) and put those all around the entire up-do to make it look a bit more elegant.

Alright, now for the outfits. The theme is flowers.

Cropped Cardigan: Walmart
Tank top: Walmart
Skirt: Costco
Flats: Shoe Dept. (on a double sale, so I got them for $7 from the original $30!!!)
Earrings: Cato
Flowers in my hair: Made by a friend

Here is Samantha's lovely outfit. She has her flowers in her hair, which I think looks quite lovely!! :-)

Samantha's Specs:
Top - Sears? It was a hand-me-down
Jeans - Bergners
Shoes - Kohls
Flower bobby pins - Etsy
Hair - Dutch Braid updo

ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!  Due to a few scheduling conflicts, I am swapping Nautical with Vintage. That means that this Friday (the 28th) we will be doing the Nautical Theme instead of Vintage. Vintage will be done next Thursday, the 4th of October. Thank you! :-) 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stripes 'n Dots

Hello ladies! I'm so excited to post the very first outfit of our fashion show! Today's theme is Stripes 'n Dots.  I chose to wear stripes for today, and so did Samantha. My reason was that I don't have anything dotted. :-( Sad, I know, but I plan on remedying that soon. ;-)

First, I must confess that my pictures are extremely lame. I didn't have time to put on my outfit and model it for pictures. In fact, this post is being written Sunday evening. By the time y'all are reading this, I'll be busy working my last day at the fair (woo hoo!!!!). I'm very glad to be done with that, but I've also been grateful for the opportunity to make some money for publishing my books. God has been so good to me on this whole thing.

So, I beg pardon for the horrific pictures of my outfit. However, I hope you will pardon me this once, as I promise not to do it again. :-)

I've worn this skirt so much that the button came off... so, instead of despairing, I simply grabbed up a saftey pin! Ta-da! ;-) 

The Specs on my outfit:
Shirt: Walmart (I absolutely LOVE this shirt! It's such a beautiful red.)
Denim Skirt: Thrift store. I've almost worn this one through. I'm definitely drafting a pattern for it.
Cami: Kohls
Red Flower Jewelry: County Fair
Shoes (not shown): Maryland Square

Samantha's outfit is absolutely adorable. Please give her some applause for getting some wonderful photos! (I think the credit might go to her brother... ;-)
Don't you just love her sweater?? 

Samantha's outfit Specs

Top- Kohls (Apt. 9)
Sweater- Cato
Scarf- Cato
Jeans- Bergners
Shoes- Kohls

Hmm... I'm beginning to see a few similarities in our outfits. Several items come from Kohls and Cato! Must be a good store. ;-) haha!

Alright, ladies! Now it's your turn to link up. Please leave only the link for the actual outfit post and not just your blog URL.  Those of you who are sending me an email with your outfit, please include the specs. It's fun to see where all your pieces came from (if you can remember... ;-)