Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hair Tutorial


Once again, I just pulled a few things off of Pinterest. =P However, I think you'll find some inspiration from them! I'm thinking I might try one for tomorrow's Dressy Theme. :-)

This one could also double as a Civil War hair-do, I believe.

French Twists are always a 'classic'. You just can't go wrong with it. It works well for fancy dinners or just a casual day at the house.
Wrapped pony tails are really coming into style. In fact, Mrs. Ryan wore a wrapped pony tail for the Republican convention. I've also seen several pictures of movie stars sporting this style. 
All you do is put your hair in a pony, take a small section from underneath and wrap it around. Then secure it with a bobby pin and voila! You can also braid the section if you want to add more interest. If you hair is really long, you may just want to wrap it once or twice and then let the rest just hang. 

French Herringbone with a bun at the end. Nice! I really want to try this!

And just to add a little something fun to you 'dos.

I want make a quick note and say thank you to everyone who has participated in our Fashion Show so far! There is still time to join in if you haven't (and remember, there are prizes!). We've got some more fun themes coming up that I hope you'll participate in. All of ya'll's outfits have been so fun to see. It's great to look at how creative y'all are! :-)

A quick question for all the participants... How has it been, posting every other day? Have you liked it, not liked it?


CountryGirl said...

I have loved the fashion event so far! Great work!


Alicia said...

Cute! My hair is really long for some of the styles, but maybe I can give them a try!!!

Katherine said...

I love the fish tail looking one! I will have to try that!

I like the event so far. :)

CountryGirl said...

I am not going to be on the computer for very long, and the dressy post hasn't been posted yet. So I thought I could post my entry here.

NNTP is you don't want to.


Ella said...

I love the fish bone up-do!
Hairstyling is so fun:)