Wednesday, September 12, 2012

You're Invited to....

.... An exciting, upcoming event!!  My wonderful friend, Samantha, from Simple Delights, and I are proud to present that we will be hosting a Modest Fashion Show! We are extremely excited and hope that you will participate.

When: September 23rd- October 6th
Where: Here at 'Through the Lilac Bushes' and over at 'Simple Delights'.
Why: We want to demonstrate how young ladies can dress modestly and stylishly!
What: Come prepared to have lots of fun! There will be several different themes for each day and prizes will be given!
How: All you need to do is post your outfit on your blog or send in pictures to my email. More details will follow in a later post when the time gets closer.  For now, we just wanted to give y'all a heads up. :-)

Please help us spread the word by grabbing the blog button above and adding it to your sidebar. 

We really hope that you will participate in this fun event! We will have prizes, fun posts, quizzes, tutorials, and more! Be sure to stop by and visit and participate if you're able.

There are more details over at Samantha's Blog Here.

In Christ's Service,
Sarah & Samantha


RosellettRed said...

This sounds so cool! I'm totally going to try and participate. :) Thanks for the awesome blog! You always make me smile.

Rachelle said...

Sounds amaazing!! I think I will do it!! Thanks so much ladies for doing this!!