Saturday, September 1, 2012

Thoughts, Rambles, and Just a Basic Update

I think my posts have gotten rather boring as of late, haven't they? I'm planning some super fun ones, though, so keep your eyes open.

As basic update of what I've been doing.

Teaching fiddle. My students are amazing! They are just wonderful to work with. I've seriously been blessed with my students so far. The very first there I had totally spoiled me... and the three I have now are spoiling me even more!! Seriously, they are almost perfect. Ok, sorry. I couldn't help bragging. But, just let me say that they do exactly as I tell them, don't complain, and PRACTICE!!! HUGE thing for me. :-)

Having fun planning/scouting sessions with a good friend. This has something to do with that big 'secret' I was talking about in an earlier post. I can't say anything yet, but I will as soon as I can! (which will hopefully be soon.) This Wednesday will mark our second planning/scouting session. I'm looking forward to it a LOT. :-)

This past week, I missed seeing my home, my room, my kittens, my fiddle, etc. It was an awesome week, just a long one. :-) But, one that I won't regret!! :-) From Monday to Friday, I was gone from home. Monday and Tuesday were spent doing my awesome fiddle lessons and watching the kids while Mr. and Mrs. went on a date (hey, when you get to play with wonderful kids and hold sleepy babies, who wants to complain? ;-) I spend the night, since they live in town, and my mom picked me up on Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday we had our first drama practice since rehearsals. It went well and was really nice to see everyone after such a long time away from one another (the WHOLE summer!!). After Drama we headed home and we kids packed up clothes, and sewing/crafts and headed over to my grandparents. We spent the rest of the week there and came home Friday evening. It was SUCH fun to get to spend time with them! We don't go over as often as I'd like, so anytime we get to go is always a blessing. I worked on tons of sewing (another part of the surprise!), which was nice. :-)

Today we got up super early to go and sell corn again. It went well and was lots of fun. :-) Kind of boring, but we have fun as a family and make our own jokes and whatnot. We came home and napped.... ah, so wonderful to be home!

This upcoming week will start my temporary job at the... STATE FAIR!!!! I'm really looking forward to this job. My Grandma (the same one we spend part of the week with) is the new Superintendent. I'm her assistant. Yeah. *nods head*. It's going to be tons of work, but I'm glad to be able to work for my money. It will be for about 3 weeks. Getting up every morning at 5, working all day long, and getting home around 10 (maybe later). Oh boy! Fun times ahead! ;-) Seriously, though, I am looking forward to this. I'm planning on saving up my money for something super big....

What's this, you ask? Well, THIS surprise I CAN share with you... in fact, I've been looking forward to sharing it for a while now. So, the big news is.... I'm getting my books published!!!!!!!!! *squeals*. Yes, this is extremely exciting for me! I've been working on a series of Children's books for some time now and finally have enough done to start publishing. Well, I should say that they are almost done. I've got one or two more to do, then they must be edited, and illustrated. My amazing illustrator will be none other than my wonderful and beautiful Mother! :-) It's going to be really neat to get to work with her! Anyway, I will have my books published by April of next year (hopefully sooner, but that's the latest) so that I can sell with a friend at the Homeschool convention. It's an extremely excited and nerve-racking time for me! Lots of prayer, time, and thought have gone into all these books, so it's almost a surreal feeling to know that I'll be publishing them soon. As soon as they are done, I'll definitely be letting y'all know. The other really neat thing about my books is that they will be dramatized. Yup, that's right! My mom bought a program for me many years ago to do movie editing on... well, amazingly, you can also do voice recordings and whatnot. So, I'll be able to dramatize all my children's books and make an audio CD. I think it will be lots of fun (and yes, dramatized in the sense that they will have sound effects, different voices, etc).  The biggest thing about the publisher I will be using was that they also do CDs/DVDs. So, not only will they sound cool, but they'll look cool as well! It is just an amazingly and super-ly exciting time! I could write about for forever, but I will refrain. ;-) Perhaps, though, I'll be able to share a sample with y'all once it's done. (By the way, auditions for voice talent will be coming soon! ;-) hehe!)

So besides my crazy life right now, it's been normal, easy going, etc.  I do have one questions for my readers, though, before I close. Who would like to see a vlog or a video tutorial of something? I've put up a couple of polls on my sidebar, so be sure to check those out and vote! :-)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend so far and that y'all will have a blessed Sabbath tomorrow.

In Christ's Service,


Marquette said...

If we lived closer I'd come take fiddle lessons from you. I've always wanted to do play the fiddle.

And a HUGE CONGRATS on your books. That is so exciting!

Alicia said...

Wow, I am really excited for you, Sarah!!! I am assuming you are going with Create Space. :) I can hardly wait to see where the Lord will use you with your projects! And, ahem, I posted some pre-publishing tips in my newsletter for the express desire of hoping you could use some of them! :)

God bless and I will see you soon.

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Just a quick to say: wow! Y'all are fast commenters! :)

Aw, thanks!! I'd love to teach you!!!! :) Thanks! I'm very excited about it!!

Yup! That's the one! Well, I'm planning on it, of course. ;) Ooh, I'll have to go find them.. were they in the newest newsletter or an older one? Hehe! You're so sweet! I can't wait to see y'all soon!

Samantha said...

Yay! That is so exciting about your books!! Can't wait to see/read more about them. =)

Enjoyed reading this little update, too!

Alicia said...

In answer to your question, Sarah, they were posted in the new September issue, but I think there may have been some pre-publishing tips in previous editions as well. Enjoy! :)

Carolyn said...

Childrens books getting published?!?!!!!! Yayayay!!! I might have to get ahold of them for my kid (and future kids)

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Thanks, Samantha!! :)

Alicia, Ok! I'll have to go back through my newsletter... :)

Yay!! My very first 'long distance' customer! ;) hehe!