Sunday, September 23, 2012

It Has Begun!

Hello and welcome to the first day of the Modest Fashion Show that Samantha and I are hosting! We are very glad to have you with us and hope that you will continue to join us each day of this week as we get to learn new things and get inspired for dressing modestly.

We haven't really told everyone all the fun details, so I'm going to tell you all of that now.

If you read our invite posts (Here and also Here) then you got the basics of how this going to work. You get to put together an outfit, post it on your blog, link it up here, and then you'll get the chance to go and check out all the other outfits!  Now, for simplicity's sake, the link up widget will be on this blog. Samantha and I will be posting our outfits on here as well. As we sort of chuckled about in our emails, Samantha is head of the Tutorial Department. Over at her blog you are going to find a lot of fun and neat things!

Alright, so here's the run down.

Today is basically just the intro. This event is running for two weeks-but don't worry, you're not going to be posting every single day. Having participated in fashion shows in the past, we thought it would be a lot easier for those who are participating in ours if they only had to post an outfit every other day. Thus why we are running it for two weeks. You are still only posting seven outfits, but over the time of two weeks. So, tomorrow and every other day you'll be doing an outfit. On those 'off' days, we'll be doing tutorials and other fun things. So it will basically go outfit, tutorial, outfit, tutorial, etc.

Now here's the fun part. We have chosen 7 different categories for our outfits. Each day will be a different theme-say, Flowers on Friday and Dressy on Sunday. You will dress according to each theme, take the nicest pictures you can (doing it outside is usually best, and not just in front of your closet door or something), post them on your blog, and then link up over here (REMINDER: Those of you who don't have a blog are still encouraged to join! Just email me the pictures and you'll still be participating. Depending on how many ladies do this via email, I might be able to post their outfits here as well.).

After all the entries have been submitted, we will then judge each outfit based on how well it matches with the theme, how nice the picture looked, etc. The winner will then receive a prize!!! Some very lovely Etsy shops have been very kind to donate some prizes for us for each theme. Again, emailed entries will also be judged in the same way. 

Here is a list of the different themes and what day they will be done. You must participate in at least 3 different outfit days. 

Stripes 'n Dots- Monday, 24th
Flowers- Wednesday, 26th
Nautical- Friday, 28th
Dressy- Sunday, 30th
Western- Tuesday, 2nd (of October)
Vintage- Thursday, 4th
Mix 'n Match- Saturday, 6th

Details of Each Theme:

Stripes 'n Dots. Just like the title, you'll need to add something to your outfit that has stripes or dots-or if you're feeling extremely adventurous, try doing both. (It needs to be a prominent piece to your outfit, if possible- in other words, don't use plain clothes with earrings that have dots on them. We want to be able to really see each theme in your outfit!)

Flowers. Wear something with flowers! (yes, flowers in your hair are acceptable, so long as we can really see them and they aren't tiny little bobby pins or something).

Vintage. Anything that has a vintage look or feel to it fits perfectly for this theme.

Dressy. It's your day to dress up! As dressy or dressy/casual as you like!

Western. Pull out those boots and broomstick skirt! Anything that looks and feels western is what we want to see- and, yes, jeans are acceptable.

Nautical. Ahoy, matie! Put the ship ta' starboard! Land Ho!  :-) You guessed it. Anything that feels either like  a sailor, or a sea captain, or just like something you'd wear while strolling along the beach. We want to see lots of creativity here! (and please no swimsuits. ;-)

Mix 'n Match. This is probably the one theme that I am really looking forward to seeing. You will take one item from each day (as many or as few, depending on what you need to complete your outfit) and combine it into a whole new outfit. So you might take the scarf from Monday, the skirt from Sunday, and the sweater from Thursday to combine them into a new, fun, outfit. Again, creativity is a big one on this theme!

A few things that apply to ALL themes.
Accessorize! We love seeing scarves, hats, jewelry, etc.
Creativity! Did you have lots of fun poses when taking the picture? Did your pictures get the details of the outfit? Were they taken in fun places?
Fun! We want you to have fun while you're doing this.

Because we want to enjoy this, we do have a few rules.
~Please no revealing shirts. If a shirt is a little low, please wear a cami underneath. 
~No clothes that are skin tight, please. As one person said, "Wear clothes that are fitted enough to tell that you're a woman, but loose enough to tell that you are a lady.". 
~ Pants are acceptable, so long as they are loose fitting as well. 
~ Please participate in at least 3 days of the fashion show. It doesn't have to be 3 days in a row. Just whichever days work best for you.

One more note- if you are pressed for time but really want to participate, feel free to take the pictures beforehand. Do several outfits in one day and then post accordingly. This does not apply to emailing participants only because it will become too difficult to keep track of all the photos and what theme they go in.

I have a link up widget at the bottom here. Please link up your blog if you're planning on participating. This is your actual blog link. During the fashion show, you'll only link up the actual post. If you are planning on doing this via email, please send me an email to let me know. My Email.

Ready? Then let's get going!!!

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