Friday, September 28, 2012


Hello, Ladies! Today's outfit theme is Nautical. For those who might be confused, I had to switch the Vintage and Nautical themes. So, Vintage will now be on the 4th of October.

When I woke up this morning, I really had no idea as to what in the world I'd wear for the Nautical theme. I really didn't have anything.... or so I thought! It's amazing how creative you can become when you just start looking through your clothes.

Specs for my outfit:
Hat: A leftover prop from a children's program that I helped out with.
Shirt: Walmart
Sweater- Roamans 
Skirt- Cato
Flip Flops- Walmart (yes, I do a lot of shopping at Walmart... but that's because it is only 25 minutes away, and all other clothing stores are about an hour away. :-)
Hair- Done in the 'Knot Your Average Pony Tail' from yesterday's post.

(Thank you to my brother, Josh, for taking these pictures for me!)

Samantha's outfit. I love how did she the striped shirt! :-) 

Samantha's Specs:
Shirt -
Jeans - Bergners
Sandals - Kohls
Hair - Messy Side Braid


Alicia said...

Too cute!!! You make an awesome sailor girl! And I'm so glad you chose note to go pirate on me, heehee. :) Keep it up with the cuteness!

Kati said...

Oh my gosh! Somehow I missed you saying that vintage was being put off for a few days and nautical was the theme for today. I took my vintage pictures, uploaded them and was about to send you the pictures when I looked on your blog and saw the change. I rushed around coming up with something nautical, grabbed Bekah again and rushed out just before dinner and dusk and took some pictures. So anyway, I'll be sending you nautical pictures a little later after I upload them.:) Well, at least I have my vintage pictures ready. :)

Katherine said...

Those were all great entries! =)

I have to skip it though because I couldn't find anything with the nautical theme. :/

P.S. I'm following you!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Actually, that's funny that you mentioned that because when I asked mom what I should wear, she said 'just put a tattoo on, and an eye patch.'. Yes, just joking around, but that's funny! :)

So sorry that you didn't get the note! I did like your outfit, though! And I look forward to seeing the vintage! :)

I was tempted to skip it myself! It was rather difficult coming up with this theme. :)

Lilac Bud Gal said...
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