Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stripes 'n Dots

Hello ladies! I'm so excited to post the very first outfit of our fashion show! Today's theme is Stripes 'n Dots.  I chose to wear stripes for today, and so did Samantha. My reason was that I don't have anything dotted. :-( Sad, I know, but I plan on remedying that soon. ;-)

First, I must confess that my pictures are extremely lame. I didn't have time to put on my outfit and model it for pictures. In fact, this post is being written Sunday evening. By the time y'all are reading this, I'll be busy working my last day at the fair (woo hoo!!!!). I'm very glad to be done with that, but I've also been grateful for the opportunity to make some money for publishing my books. God has been so good to me on this whole thing.

So, I beg pardon for the horrific pictures of my outfit. However, I hope you will pardon me this once, as I promise not to do it again. :-)

I've worn this skirt so much that the button came off... so, instead of despairing, I simply grabbed up a saftey pin! Ta-da! ;-) 

The Specs on my outfit:
Shirt: Walmart (I absolutely LOVE this shirt! It's such a beautiful red.)
Denim Skirt: Thrift store. I've almost worn this one through. I'm definitely drafting a pattern for it.
Cami: Kohls
Red Flower Jewelry: County Fair
Shoes (not shown): Maryland Square

Samantha's outfit is absolutely adorable. Please give her some applause for getting some wonderful photos! (I think the credit might go to her brother... ;-)
Don't you just love her sweater?? 

Samantha's outfit Specs

Top- Kohls (Apt. 9)
Sweater- Cato
Scarf- Cato
Jeans- Bergners
Shoes- Kohls

Hmm... I'm beginning to see a few similarities in our outfits. Several items come from Kohls and Cato! Must be a good store. ;-) haha!

Alright, ladies! Now it's your turn to link up. Please leave only the link for the actual outfit post and not just your blog URL.  Those of you who are sending me an email with your outfit, please include the specs. It's fun to see where all your pieces came from (if you can remember... ;-)

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Katherine said...

I entered and mine is #4! =D