Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hello Ladies! It's day 4 of our Modest Fashion Show. Today's theme was Dressy. I'm rather late at posting again, but I have a good excuse: Cattle. Yes, we came home from church and I had just enough time to snap a few pictures of my outfit, then quickly change and head out to round up some cows. It was an extremely interesting adventure (one I plan to post about in my 'Daily Life on the Ranch' series).  So, I'm sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. =P Huge thank you to Josh, though, for taking them for me!!! :-)

Specs on my outfit:
Skirt-Thrift Stoe
Camisole- Kohls
Cardigan- Walmart (The top is a cami with a cardigan over it.. but it's hard to see them in the pictures!)
Shoes- Walmart
Jewelry- gift from my brother's. I absolutely love this necklace/earring set!!!
Hair Do- Elegant Twist Up (that's the name I just gave it...)  This was inspired from Downton Abbey. We began watching the first season so we're ready for the third one when it comes out in January. I know it's awful... but, I've really enjoyed it so far! (except for a few episodes... ) I'll be posting a tutorial for that hair style tomorrow.

Samantha's Specs:
Dress: eShakti
Lacey 'top'- CamiSecret
Shoes- Kohls
Hair- Dutch braid Up-do
Hair flower- Etsy

(You can also check out the review that Samantha did on this dress Here.)


Alicia said...

Very cute, Sarah!!!

Katherine said...

I love your outfit!
Your hair style is so beautiful!

Nela said...

Love both of your outfits! So feminine and modest, a double win if you ask me. ;)