Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Fashion ~ Guest Post by Samantha

The chilly days of fall will soon be upon us, and while I love autumn, I find it hard to still
dress stylishly ( me, stylish? Yeah, working on that!) and still be warm, modest and comfortable. If your idea of warm and comfy is over-sized sweat pants and a sweat shirt, then read on. You can be stylish, comfy and warm this fall and winter!

Below I've complied a list of my "Top 5 Autumn Essentials" which will hopefully get you through the upcoming cold months in comfort and style!

 Item #1: Cardigan Sweater

The transition time between summer and fall can be difficult. It's too early to wear chunky
sweaters, yet too cool for short sleeves. That's when a cardigan becomes
your best friend!
Pick a few cardigans in neutral colors (black, white, brown) and maybe one or two in a cute color or design (think bright yellow or floral), then pair it with your
favorite sundress or a sleeveless top to wear with jeans or a

Item #2: Jean Jackets

Jean jackets are great! You can wear them with a skirt, sundress or khaki pants/capris for a little extra warmth without too much excess bulk. Try looking for a fitted jean jacket so that it still looks nice with a skirt or fuller dress. Try to get a traditional looking jacket (no excessive decorations like rhinestone flowers, embellishments or intentional rips and tears, fraying,etc.) so that you can pair it with both casual and dressier outfits. The
key is to get pieces that aren't to trendy so that you can pair them with a lot of different looks.

Item #3: Puffy Vest

I love "puffy" vests! They are so cute and warm, perfect for crisp fall days, yet not as warm or bulky as a coat. They can be paired with a sweater if it is colder out, or a plain long-sleeved t-shirt if it isn't too nippy yet. These looks great with skirt or pants, just try to get one that is a little more "streamline" and not as marshmallow-y as some can get.

Item #4: T-Shirt Dress

T-Shirt dresses are perfect because you want wear them with flats or sandals in the summer and boots in the fall and winter. They are pretty versatile if you get a neutral color (denim, black or brown) and can be paired with scarves for added warmth on your neck. I love the look above because it is very stylish, yet modest, cute and comfy!

Item #5: Scarves

I love my scarves! I try to get at least one new one each fall and try to vary the thickness,
weave, color and design so I have a lot of options. Lighter scarves (like the one shown) are great for summer/fall transition time, while chunkier scarves are better for winter. Try to start with about 3 or 4 scarves in a variety of textures and colors. They look great with cardigans, t-shirts, dresses and sweaters and can be dressed up or down.

There you have go! Those are my "Top 5" items for fall, though I haven't even touched on the many cute accessories that help turn a summer outfit into a fall outfit! My favorite accessories picks would be hats, earrings or necklace (NEED to get my ears pierced!!) that include leaves, fall colors, etc., ballet flats, boots (both a sleek, "riding" boot and soft and comfy boots) and, of course, a cute bag!

Of course these all cost money, but if you start looking now you can probably find some great deals at local thrift shops or in end-of-summer sales. You really can dress stylishly this coming fall without breaking the bank. It take a little more effort, but the less you spend on each item means the more you have to spend on accessories! *smile*.

Just remember- the best accessory you can have is a bright, cheerful smile and a joyful heart. No matter what you wear this fall, though two things will be the most important accessory you wear. 


Hi there! My name is Samantha and I am a nineteen year old homeschool graduate and born-again believer in Jesus Christ.

My interests are many and varied and include cooking and baking, spending time outdoors (especially during autumn!), music, historical fashion, Civil War dancing and putting together cute outfits.

You can learn more about me through my blog, Simple Delights or
by browsing through my Pinterest boards.

Please stop by! I love to meet new friends.


RosellettRed said...

LOVE this post! These ideas are so much more practical than some I've found on the internet this fall!

a said...

I LOVE your post, Samantha! Fall is my favorite season, and I love boots, scarves, etc. :) Thanks for sharing.