Monday, September 26, 2016

All Things Must Come to an End

It is rather bittersweet, writing this.... All my sweet followers (if you do indeed still follow this little blog) I thank you for your years of reading. It has been fun. Almost 10 years of writing on this dear little speck in the blogging world. Unknown to many, but known to the few that have been faithful in reading.....

Ok, enough of the sentimentality. Yes, things do come to an end. Yes, I'm ending this little blog. Well, not ending, I guess... but this leaf I'm closing. Getting a knew one... however that saying goes.

Through The Lilac Bushes blog has been a lifesaver over the years. It has helped me write out thoughts on so many things -life issues, biblical standpoints, randomness, etc. Its been good. However, my life is carrying me onto a  new adventure.

1) I'm starting a new blog.

Yes, I could have just updated this like I originally planned... but then I got to thinking and I decided, I think I need something entirely new. Totally fresh. I need this new start. Sounds insane to some, but to me it made sense.

2) It's still very similar to this blog

yes, I'm going to still be around on this vast internet world. In my little corner... but a new corner. And yes, I'll still be me. This is just the 'new me', to some degree. I still want to blog about life, deep thoughts, adventures I go on, etc.

3) It's not on blogger

Yes, indeed, this new blog is over on WordPress! Again, back to the 'new me thing'.  I needed something absolutely different and fresh. I'm super excited about it and the plans I have! Who knows how many years this little guy will see me through! Hopefully many.

So, farewell to this sweet blog. It's been a grand ol' time. I look forward to still perusing back through you every now and again. Probably do some old links back and forth. (so yeah, not deleting you entirely just yet).

Now. Come visit me at the new place! I'm excited to show you around. =)