Saturday, September 15, 2012

Let Your Light Shine ~Guest Post by Rachelle

Hi there everyone!!  

I am so happy to have the honor of doing a guest post.  Sarah and I have been friends since before we can remember.  We have been through a lot of laughs and good times but the days have also come where we cry on each other’s shoulder.  Both are needed and it is so very important to find the right medium in this life.   

So as Sarah is busy at her job at the fair, which by the way the New Mexico fair is one of my favorite things about fall :-) All the sights and smells!  Delicious pie, horses and pig races, funnel cake… oh wait; I’m getting off topic here! :-)  Anyways, Sarah asked me to write a guest post.  I have thought and thought over the possibilities of every single topic possible for me to talk about, and as the idea of hair tutorials, photography and choir all seem thrilling, I don’t feel as if that is what I am supposed to write to you about.  I do not have a blog so the limit is really the sky for me, but for this post the Lord has really been tugging at my heart.  I am praying that this meets your eyes and encourages you!
I became friends with an older lady at a college class I was taking.  This lady’s name was Cat.  She was a gem of a lady; she loved learning and was determined to receive an A for all that she did.  She wanted to succeed.  Geology was her thing.  She was always talking about different excavations that were currently being worked on and what they were finding. She had a passion for history and was thrilled to learn anything new!  She was such an encourager and loved finding the good in people and making sure that she made that strength apparent for other people to see.  She definitely made me feel loved.  You might have noticed that I have been talking in the past tense.  Cat went to meet her Creator and her Best Friend this year.  She fought her cancer bravely and with her own fashion.  But this battle was ugly and in the end it was her Savior that she truly wanted.  After what I have told you, it sounds like I have learned a lot from dear Cat, but all those put together don’t equal the biggest thing.  The most important thing I learned from Cat is that our time is ticking and we can make a difference in people’s life.  She definitely made a difference in mine; my life from now on will be affected by dear Cat.

Time as we all know is an important thing.  We savor it, we race for it, we relax because of it, and we fall behind because of it.  How do we accomplish the chores on our list but make a difference in someone’s life?  I will tell you this, only by God’s help and grace is that made possible! 

I was raised and am to this day a family person.  100%.  If I don’t get my family time I am a complete mess, I feel lonely, I feel like I am missing out and that I am not part of something great!  First off, invest time in your family!  The great thing about family is…well that they are your family and they know you better than anyone!  They are there to support you and love on you!  Do things with your family, just silly things!  Make jokes! Create your own language that only your family will understand!  Play games, laugh, talk and tell stories!  You won’t be sorry for time spent with your family! So invest and enjoy! 
Next find someone whom you feel the Lord is asking you to be friends with, and start a relationship!  Step out of your comfort zone and help someone.  I work as a companion for a young lady who cannot stay at home on her own.  I stay at her house for the afternoon and we talk and have a good time!  We go out to tea or watch movies.  Her mother is always telling me how blessed they are because of me, but really all it is, is God’s light shining through me.  That’s what this is all about; it’s about letting your light shine and affecting people with that light, for the glory of God.
Spend time with people sharing God’s love, and in the end, you will cherish those relationships and be glad that you invested your precious time in them.  God created us all unique and we have so much to offer!  So take that basket off your little candlestick and let others see that brilliant light from you!  Because you are brilliant, you are radiant and a child of God! 
You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hidden.
- Matthew 5:14

Thank you so much for listening to me ramble!  I pray that one of you needed this message and that it touched your soul!
Have an absolutely lovely week!
In the Almighty,

For those of you who don’t know me, which is all of you because I am not in the blogging world, *grin* I have a passion for music and photography.  I teach piano and love it! I also direct a preschool choir.  I love working with children, they are such a joy!  I graduated from high school two years ago.  I was homeschooled my whole life and wouldn’t exchange a second of it!  I work as a photographer and thoroughly enjoy capturing those special moments and smiles given from the Lord.  I love my family dearly.  My two sisters are the most amazing girls in the universe and I have no clue how I got to be so fortunate to have them as my bestest friends.  My parents are the only set of parents for me, they help me grow, love me andcheer me on; they could never ever be replaced!  Most importantly I strive to work for the Lord and give Him the best that I am able.


Alicia said...

Thank you for the post, Rachelle! I remember you telling me that your friend was in the hospital, but I didn't know that she is now with the Lord. Thank you for sharing!

Rachelle said...

Thanks Alicia! It was a sad day but also one of great rejoicing since she was finally with the One that she lived for! Thanks for your comment!