Monday, December 23, 2013

'Tis the Season to Remember

I once asked the Lord to keep me from temptation, but He said nothing.
I once asked Him to bear my burdens, but He did nothing. 
I then prayed for patience, but it never came.
I cried, "Lord, give me direction!" but He gave me no map to life.
I asked Him for help in my troubled times, but He gave none.

Then, frustrated by His lack of apparent love, I asked Him why He was ignoring me.
He smiled sadily and replied, "My child, will you never learn? When you asked me to keep you from temptation, I gave you My Word, but you chose to never read it. 
You asked Me to bear your burdens and gladly would I have done if you had given them to me fully.
And when you prayed for Patience you ignored My silent prompting and chose anger over peace.
Then, when you asked for guidance, you never stopped to listen for My answer, instead going on with your own way. 
I sent you help in your troubled times, but you turned away your friends in pride and shame."

The tears were falling down my face as I realized the mistakes I had made.
Then I said, "Lord, please forgive me,"
He held out His nail-pierced hands and said, "My child, it is already done."


I know there are so many posts going around talking about remembering the real reason for the season, so I won't say it again in so many words. However, I really do hope that we remember the true reason for Christ's birth- so that He could one day die on a cross to forgive us of our sins. 

I pray that all of you will have a very Merry Christmas surrounded by family and close friends. It is the season where we have the spirit of giving. We feel especially loving of our family and friends. We enjoy buying gifts and wrapping them with care to put under the tree. We all have our traditions for Christmas Eve (or Christmas Adam... which is a new one I learned from a friend. Get it? Adam comes before Eve??)... yeah.....

As I prepare to have a wonderful Christmas with my family, I want to wish you all the same and share one of my favorite songs. I might have shared it last year, but it truly is an amazing one. My sister and I play/sing it, but I don't have a recording of that... ;-) Probably better that way. In any case, please enjoy! 

Celebrating Christ's Birth,

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