Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12: A song I want played at my Wedding

I have to be totally honest in this post.  I haven't much thought about the song I want played at my wedding.  First off, I do have another person who will help with the planning of the wedding, but he hasn't gotten here yet, so I have to wait.  No use making plans without your partner!  Secondly, I find that when I dream of weddings and whatnot, I let my heart lose focus on my first True Love, Jesus Christ.  That doesn't mean that I don't want to get married, it only means that I want to wait on God's timing for that special day and special guy.
   As a young lady, it is extremely hard to not dream about these things. I mean, we were made to be wives, mother's, home makers, etc.  However, I encourage young girls to not let your dreams carry you away.  Although it is good to have dreams and plans for the future, make sure you don't lose your main focus.  It is so easy to do that, trust me.  So many times I have had to come back to the Lord on my knees to beg for help to keep my heart pure. I don't want to give my heart away to the wrong man!

However, just so I am not a spoiler, I will say that I do like "Pachebel's Canon".  :-)

In Christ's Service,


Ellie said...

Hey Dear Friend,
Such wonderful wisdom that all of us ladies need to hear!! I was actually just reading the very same thing today in a book, that I absoultey love!! Joyfully at Home by Jasmine Baucham! She did a wonderful job talking to the ladies that are focused on serving their home!
Good choice of song too! Love ya!

May Amelia said...

I'm sorry; I don't know why I didn't follow you sooner! *doh!* Thank you for your comment! :D
I know what you mean though about not wanting to let your thoughts stray from Jesus. It is easy to do for us girls, isn't it, when we start thinking about weddings and the like. A lot of my friends are starting to "pair up" and it can be extremely discouraging for a single gal like myself. But, yeah. I've loved and treasured every single day that I have been single. Who knows how much longer that will be, so I choose to make the most of this time now. Anyways, yeah. =D <-- That was me rambling. ;)

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Thank you, dear friend!! I appreciate what you said. :) Hey, when you are finished reading that, I will have to borrow it! :)

Thank you for following me. :) And Don't worry about doing it sooner. :)
Yes, I imagine it can be difficult seeing your friends getting paired up and whatnot. Thankfully most of my friends are not at that age yet. Still, I can see it coming! However, isn't it such a wonderful thought to think that the guy you marry will be worth waiting for??
Oh, I don't mind rambling comments. :) I love long comments, so ramble away!! :)

In Christ's Service,

May Amelia said...

YES YES a thousand times YES! I have no problem whatsoever with waiting because who I marry WILL be worth waiting for. =] Thanks for the encouragement!!

Anonymous said...


You are a wise young woman.

It's very to get "attached to quickly," and if the Lord's hand is not involved in the process, the outcome will not be a good one.

I had to wait quite a spell before the Lord sent me my "prince charming." However, I am glad I wauted . It was surely worth it, although at the time, it felt like an eternity.


-Lady Rose

Lilac Bud Gal said...

I am glad to find another fellow maiden who thinks the same thing. :) God's timing is always perfect, no matter how long or short it seems. :)

Lady Rose,
Thank you for your input. That was extremely encouraging. I know that sometimes I can say the words "waiting is best" but sometimes it is so difficult that I get discouraged. Your words were very true and I will remember them forever. :)

In Christ's Service,