Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 28: A scar I have and it's story

I actually don't have many scars.... Guess I am just not the daring type to get into messes... lol!

However, I do have this one big scar on the back of my leg....  How did I get it?  Well, my sis and I were helping my grandparents clean their house.  My grandpa needed to move his big recliner.  I jumped in to help (wishing we had brought along our brothers! lol!).  Their house has an interesting heating system.  The whole underside is open.  It is like a tiny basement -very short one.  The heating until heats the whole underside of the house and the heat comes up through normal vents.  However, if you were to remove one of these vents, you could easily put your foot in and hurt yourself by falling through.  So, as he and I were carrying this recliner, I kicked up on of the vents with my shoe..  not knowing I did this, we continued-I was walking backwards- and WOOSH! Down I went.  Thankfully, the recliner fell on top of me and pushed my back against the wall, so I didn't drop too far down.  Still, I scratched my leg pretty bad...  Now I have a nice scar.. "Battle wound", as Joshua would put it! :-)

In Christ's Service,


Anonymous said...

I don't tend to get into very many scrapes, either. Or I just don't come away with worse than a bruise. Lol! :D

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Haha, that is normally how I do it, too! I have to say, though, that if I get really hurt, I like to have something to show for it... I once had a 650 lb calf kick me right in the thigh- yeah, OUCH! All I got was this small bruise! I was bummed.. I was hoping for a big ol' wopper of a brusie... lol!

Thanks for the comment!