Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 7: Five things I couldn't possibly live without

 am trying the new timer thingy on this blog post.. we'll see if it works! *wink*.  I have it on timer because tomorrow will be extremely busy. Up early to get to some cleaning in the house, shop, barn, corrals, etc.  We have someone who is coming to look at the ranch to possibly buy some acreage. Please pray that God's will be done in this matter and that He will give us peace about the decisions.
Ok, so five things I couldn't possibly live without:
1: The redeeming love of my Saviour, Jesus Christ the Lord.  Without Him, I would still be wallowing in my sin; an ugly, filthy, dirty little sinner.

2: My wonderful family!  They love me so much. They have helped me through my struggles by reminding me of God's Word and His promises.

(Christmas photo several years ago)
I don't know what I would do without them, especially my wonderful parents who have raised me in a Godly home.

(from top-12 o'clock- around clock wise- Caleb, Joshua, Me, Becca -who took pic-, Mom, Dad)
3: My friends!  God has blessed me with so many encouraging, Christian, Godly friends that I truly don't deserve.  So many of them know me inside-out and have loved me through it all. I am truly blessed...

(My friends at my 16th birthday)
4: Music! I LOVE music.  Music helps me get through the day, especially ones that have such wonderful, meaningful words to them that remind me of God's goodness, Mercy, and love!  I also love playing my fiddle.. if I don't play it for a long time, my fingers start itching for that wonderful feel of flying over the strings in a fun jig or reel.

(Photo Courtesy of a very good friend)
5: Laughter.  Laughter is definitely part of me. 

I love laughing, any one who knows me could tell you that right off the bat.  If they think of me, they think of me laughing. It is just who I am, but I love it. I love it because God created that laughter and when it bubbles up inside of me, I feel God smiling along with me.  I love taking walks and laughing with Him over my funny little quirks in life.  Laughter is what definitely helps me throughout the day.  Without laughter, I am sure that I could become one unhappy person.  HOWEVER! Have no fear! My dear brother will make sure that I never go a day without laughing!

(Taken of Josh several years ago)
He can keep me laughing over anything, at any time.  When I am in a grumpy mood, Joshua saves the day! He comes in and makes a funny face while saying something, or tells a joke he made up.. anything.

(I totally love this pic of my "Mr. Big Foot"!!)
He can cheer me up like no other.  Love you Bud!

Ok... guess this post could've been shorter.. oh well!!

In Christ's Service,


the Ink Slinger said...

Awesome post, Sarah! :) I've enjoyed reading your thoughts during this 30 day challenge. Keep it up!

Prairie Momma said...

I pray you never do stop laughing!!! It's a sound I've loved hearing from you for many years and look forward to hearing a hundred more years!!

Trisha said...

Love your list, Sarah! What a wonderful journal you'll have after these 30 days of posting. Love you!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Ink Slinger,
Thanks! Glad to know some of my readers are enjoying it! :)

Well, since I can't live without it, I hope I never do either!! :) I just wouldn't be Sarah without laughter, would I?

Mrs. P,
Thank you! Yes, it will be fun to look back at these posts later on in life!