Monday, March 21, 2011

You know it is windy when.... step outside and begin running, but not because you want to... open your mouth, you instantly feel grit all over your teeth and you feel as if your mouth has been filled with mud... pull off your sun glasses and you look like a raccoon... go to wipe your face with a washcloth that was originally white, but has now become a muddy brown..
...the water going down the drain has clumps of mud that is falling out of your hair...

Yup, it is officially spring here in NM... No doubt about it. ;-)

I hope that today finds you in calmer weather. =D

In Christ's Service,


Joshua said...

It is spring here as well, but it is usually spring weather all year round except in the summertime. Today's weather was pretty weird though. It rained.... Then, the sun came out. Once the sun was out for about a couple hours, it rained again. It never does that here. Usually, you have a day of full sun or a day of full rain or a day of it being fully windy.

However, it did rain all day yesterday. Then, last night we had the biggest thunderstorm I have ever experienced in my life. Well, maybe not the biggest. There has been one other one bigger in my lifetime, but it was pretty stormy last night. Very rare Southern Californian weather. As I sit typing on my laptop right now though, the sun came out. Maybe it will rain again in a few hours. :)

In Christ,
Joshua :)

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Ooh, I would LOVE it if we could have a full day of rain. Although, actually, we have had times where it has been cloudy all day and rains off and on.
So, our weather is practically the same as yours (minus the rain). ;)

I love Thunderstorms. Our poor dog doesn't, though... she shakes and shivers herself right out of her skin..
Ever had it rain while the sun was shining? That is pretty weird...
Usually spring is the worst for weather. It is always windy. In the summer it is hot, and the Fall is absolutely beautiful. It is definitely pretty here in the fall. No wonder that is my favorite season.. ;)
Have a great day! and thanks for the comment. :)

May Amelia said...

LOL! That totally made my day!!! Hilarious to those of us outside of NM but I'm sure not to you! Maybe if you wore a ski mask it would be better... nahhhh, then someone might mistake you for a bank robber 'cause they couldn't see your innocent smile. =D Or maybe one of those bee-hive hats? You never now; they might come back in style. =D
We almost have all of our snow gone outside! Yippee!! Now comes the muddy season and waiting for the ground to soak up the water.

Samantha said...

Yuck! Not fun. =)
Hope the wind dies down soon!


the Ink Slinger said...

"I hope that today finds you in calmer weather."

No such luck. :)

Lilac Bud Gal said...

I actually seriously considered wearing saftey goggles.. only because they cover your eyes much better. Josh was smart enough to wear a bandana over his nose and mouth, but with his Astralian hat he looked more like an old western bad-guy! Ha, we would have been a pair if I had worn the ski mask! lol!
Oh, wait a minute.. you think I actually have an 'innocent smile'?? Oh dear me.. I don't think I ever have an innocent smile. ;) hehe!!
Ugh, that is the one thing I hate about snowy weather.. the mud afterwards. We have terrible ruts in our driveway now. nasty. But I hope yours dries out soon!!! Love ya!

Thanks for the comment! Actually, seeing the weather this morning makes me glad that the wind was blowing all last night.. it brought rain clouds! I sure hopes that it actually rains, though, instead of just looking like it will! The sunrise is just beautiful. All the sky is dark blue, and then right above the horizon is a streak of pink where the clouds haven't covered yet..

Yeah, I bet your weather is the same here.. *wink*. Although, it seems like y'all don't get as much wind so you are closer to the mountains.. but guess I am wrong! So, I can start feeling sorry for you, then. ;) Thanks for the comment!

Marquette Mower said...

Oh man, that's pretty much how it is down here too! I'm so glad it's warmer though.

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Hey Marquette!!
Glad you stopped by! :)
Yup, sure am glad it is warming up.. though today doesn't feel like it!! It is a bit chilly... argh. ;)