Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Update on Mr.J

Thank you, prayer warriors, for lifting up the J family in your prayers today.

Dad just called and said he had stopped by the hospital and saw Mrs. J, Levi (the oldest son), and the baby.  They were all very tired.  Mrs. J was going to head home and check on things back there as well as try to get some sleep.

Mr. J isn't doing very well.  Dad said it is hard to tell whether he will recover fully or have some effects left over. I don't know if he is on his way to recovery, or if the doctors still aren't sure.

Thanks again!

In Christ's Service,


May Amelia said...

Praying hard lovely.

Anonymous said...


Mary Ann said...

We shall just continue in prayer for Mr J. God can work when nothing else can!!

Rachel M. said...

Praying for a miracle!!


Joshua said...

Still praying. Don't forget to give us another update.