Friday, March 25, 2011

For the "Challengers"


Ok, so May Amelia, one of the young ladies who have joined in the challenge, asked me when we were going to start.....  Well, I'd say let's 'officially' start next week.  That way it will give a bit more time for others to (hopefully) join in.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while doing this (we are NOT limited to this, just a few suggestions that I thought I would share).

~Try to post at least once a week.  If you can do/want to do more, go right on ahead.  However, make sure that you do post once a week.  This way we can keep each other accountable. :-)

~It doesn't always have to be something that God did in your life that week.  Sometimes God will do big things in our lives and sometimes we just have to be content with just being where we are.  However, as you read, if a certain Bible verse should stand out, post it!  I have had several times where I will be reading and a certain verse will stick in my head.  It may not really apply to what I was doing with my life at the time, but when I shared it with a friend, she would tell me that she really needed to hear that.  So, remember that we are here to encourage each other in the Word!!

Also, even after we have started, others are still welcome to join at any time.  If you feel that this won't fit into your schedule to post once a week right now, that is fine.  Just please join us whenever you can!!

One more thing....  To those that have taken the challenge, I am thinking about possibly doing an 'interview' thing.  Just asking a few questions about how you came to know the Lord, what are some things are that have been an encouragement to you as you go on your walk with the Lord, etc.   If you do or don't want to be interviewed, please let me know either way. :-)

May we Glorify God!!

In Christ's Service,


Anonymous said...

Cool! This'll be fun! :)

May Amelia said...

Oh I feel so special for being mentioned in your post. XD Can't wait!

Actually this is hilarious because for one of my Bible classes I am working my way through the Old Testament and next week's assignment is Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon. LOL! ;) Should prove to be very interesting! =]

Love ya chickadee! Have a wonderful Friday night!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Sammy Jo,
Glad to see you excited about it. :) I can't wait to start reading your stuff.

Aw, you are just special! lol!!
Ooh, that should be very interesting. I can't wait to see if you will post about it.. ;)
Had a very nice Friday night.. tomorrow is even better because I will be spending it with a very dear friend.. ;)
Love ya too!

Hannah said...

You won my giveaway!

I can't seem to find your e-mail anywhere on your blog. Could you please send it to me so I can start designing?

{A Homemaker's Daughter}