Friday, March 18, 2011

Update on Mr.J and another prayer request

Ok, here is the latest update on Mr. J.

He has been moved to the ICU (I don't know why he wasn't there before). He has encephalitis (I finally got the big word for it).  Fortunately it is viral instead of bacterial.  Apparently viral is better (Ok, obviously not 'better' but I guess bacterial is worse than viral.)

Mom was saying that at best he will have about 2 weeks in the hospital.  But, still don't know if he will come away fully recovered or not.

Mrs. J has been able to get some rest and is doing better knowing he is under constant watch.

Thank you for your prayers!

We are heading out to our LAST bull sale!!  Please pray that it goes well! Thank you so much!

In Christ's Service,


Joshua said...

No problem. I will continue praying on both fronts. May God be glorified. :)

Anonymous said...


I apologize that I haven't been to your blog in awhile. I am just hearing about the news on Mr. J. I sure hope that he recovers from this illness in the near future. Mrs. J, I'm sure is stressed, indeed. I'm glad that she is able to get some rest now, but I am sure she is still worried about her dear husband. I know that I would be if I were in her place.

I will keep this couple in my thoughts and prayers.



May Amelia said...

Thanks for getting us the updates Sarah <3 Hope the family is doing well.... and that you are too!!

LOL my word verification was "moses"! Sorry just had to tell you that. :P

Shelley said...

I'll pray! :)

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Thank you and Amen!

Lady Rose,
Oh, please don't worry. :) Thank you very much for praying. I know that they appreciate it. :) Yes, she is still worried, but is a little easier now that he is in the ICU (only because she knows he is being watched constantly..)

Thank you so much! I am doing well. Have nothing to complain of. ;) That is funny about the word verification! I sometimes laugh at the combinations. :)

Thank you!