Friday, January 20, 2012

Sick...sick...sick. Blah. Please be praying!

I have, unfortunately, come down a sore throat..  I might have mentioned several weeks ago that my family had it's cycle of a cold... but, I don't know if this is a re-flare from it, or what.

However, I am feeling absolutely miserable. It hurts to talk, I am extremely tired, don't feel like doing anything-but want to do something!  It is such a weird feeling, being sick.  It's very boring.  I can't visit with my Sib's, I can't touch them.. and I have to try to avoid contact with anything that they might touch.  Yeah, that's an oxymoron since I'm typing on the computer.. however, I just finished washing my hands so that I can keep the germs off of the keys.

If y'all don't mind praying, I would REALLY appreciate it! We've got some things coming up and I really don't want to miss out.  In fact, the rest of the family loaded up to have dinner with some friends of ours.  Big bummer I couldn't go, but I really didn't feel up to it, nor did I want to get the little baby sick (yup, forget about the rest of them! haha!).  I'm actually hoping to post pictures of their evening because they are doing something pretty funny... So, keep an eye out for that.

I also received a HUGE scare just a half hour ago.  My dad called to say that a friend of ours had seen our dogs on the freeway.  Yeah. Super scary! I was thinking for sure that I'd get over there and they'd be road kill...

I bundled up and headed down the road in the truck.  Thankfully, just a little ways down our road, I saw Oreo (my dog-ish).  Whew! but then I was horrified to think that they other two, Bandit and Sadie, had had something happen to them.  So, I continued down the road and here comes Bandit. Phew! But then... where was Sadie?  She is such a big dog, she doesn't move very quickly... what if....

Hurray! Here she came, plodding down the road. Thank you, Lord! We've already lost one dog to being hit by a car.. and it is no fun. I really didn't want it to happen again!

Well, I'd better head out. I gotta do a few things before I can lay down again.  I hate it how, no matter how much you nap, you just feeling even more tired!  I will tell you, though, that if you are sick, the best thing is to walk around (if you are able).  It helps to get your blood pumping to get oxygen to your brain (the lack of which makes you tired), and just kind of helps to make you feel better.

Hope everyone is doing well!
Thanks for the prayers!!!!

In Him,


Ella said...

I hope you"ll feel better soon!

Ellie said...

ohhh!! bleh bleh!! I am sorry you are sick my friend!! Sending e-get wells to you!!!! So glad you fond the dogs, goodness that would have been horrible. So surprised they ran that far, thats odd! Anyways, get some good rest, I hope you start feeling better VERY soon!
Love ya! MLE

Hannah Terrell said...

So sorry you're under the weather, Sarah. I'll be prayin'.
~Hannah :)

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Thank you, ladies, for your prayers! I appreciate it. :)

I went into the doctor today and found out that I have Strep. So, they gave me some antibiotics. I'm feeling a little better already, for which I am VERY grateful! Hopefully by Monday I will be back on my feet and doing better. :)

Thanks again for the prayers, and keep 'em coming. :)

Lily Marie said...

Aw, that's too bad. I don't like feeling miserable and I always hate when other people do. Hope you're up and around very soon! Praise the Lord your dogs are alright! =)