Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Calving Season Has Begun!!!

One of my favorite times of year! Calving season.  It is super fun, super scary, and super.... something. Ok, it is fun, kind of.  It is NOT scary.. unless a momma cow is trying to head butt you for touching her calf... and something doesn't usually happen. ;-)

Actually, it's a pretty normal thing. All we do is feed, check for any new babies, tag 'em and way 'em if there are any, and go on our way. 

Our first calf was born on Sunday.  And Adorable little heifer (which I have decided to name Ismelda...haha!) Dad and Josh tagged it Sunday afternoon.  When they found her, a coyote was lying close by, waiting for the afterbirth.  Pretty bold, for a coyote.  Especially since he still didn't run off when Dad and Josh were only 20 yards away! Dad shot at him, but missed. Bummer. So, I guess he's still out there for me to try to get... ;-)

Josh and I went out yesterday morning and found our second little calf, another heifer, JUST born.  She was SO cute! So fresh that Josh had to help her stand up so he could tag and weigh her. Weighed 65 pounds! Pretty good for a heifer, especially ours because we have worked on breeding different cows and bulls to get low birth weight genetics, but high gain genetics for later on in life.

Any how, enough talk.. Here's some pics!!

 (The weather was crazy! It was snowy, foggy, and cold that morning, but the snow was melted and the sun was shining by the afternoon.)

 (Our adorable pups.. Bandit, on the left, Oreo on the right, giving me his cute face. ;-)

 (Headin' out to the truck, all bundled up)

 (The poor horses! I would hate to be standing out there with them.)

 (Out in the pasture! I think it looks really pretty with the grass peeking up over the snow like that!!)

(Josh in the truck.. can you see him??)

 (Our first calf!!! Isn't she CUTE?!?!)

(Josh tagging our second calf, the one we found when we went out. )

(See the fog on the left?)

(This was the fog we were driving into... scary...)

Isn't that just so weird?  It was all clear on the west side.. as soon as you headed east, it got all foggy.  In fact, we got to this one fog part and it was like you literally went through a curtain and it closed in around you. Pretty cool and freaky at the same time.. hehe! :-)

I took a couple of videos, but I can't get them to load.. I'm working on it, though, so hopefully I can post! I took one of Josh tagging and weighing the second calf, and then one of the 'cow monsters'. (Yes, the exist!!!!)

How did you day go?

In Christ's Service,


Ella said...

I have awarded you an Irrestibliy sweet blog award!

Kendra Lynne said...

Thanks for showing us all the picture! We don't have as many cows as you do, but we had a jersey calf in the fall. He's soo cute but getting bigger now.


Petra said...

Hiya Sarah,

I'm glad calving season has started up well for you guys! I hope that God is blessing you and giving you His peace.

Praying for you,