Sunday, January 8, 2012

102 in 2012

I've seen this done on my friend's blog and thought I'd do it too. I figure that maybe I'll actually be able to get all of these done because I've got my readers to keep me accountable! ;-) (Read my friend's post HERE)

1.       Read my Bible Everyday

2.       Grow closer in my walk with the Lord

3.       Do a better job of keeping my room clean

4.       Spend a week away from the computer

5.       Get outside more often

6.       Do a really fun photo-shoot

7.       Spend more quality time with my family

8.       Get 3 books finished/published

9.       Get 10 children’s books written

10.   Make Donuts

11.   Exercise more

12.   Become a better Actress

13.   Get my Nursing home group together

14.   Play at the nursing home at least 7 times

15.   Write more letters

16.   Finish up school

17.   Get my horse trained

18.   Go on trail rides

19.   Come up with different styles for my hair

20.   Wear a ribbon, or flower in my hair everyday

21.   Train my dog

22.   Decide if I want to set up an Etsy shop

23.   Finished editing the drama performances

24.   Get a video put together

25.   Do a better job at posting on my blog (posting things I say I’m going to post)

26.   Go someplace I’ve never been before

27.   Go ice-skating again

28.   Make dinners special by adding fun touches

29.   Cook dinner every night for one week (by myself)

30.   Make a historical costume

31.   Set up a dance

32.   Make Marshmallows

33.   Read 5 books (trust me, that is a lot for me)

34.   Keep my journal more faithfully

35.   Get a better schedule for my day

36.   Expand my homemaking skills

37.   Make 5 aprons

38.   Finish my current knitting projects

39.   Buy a camera

40.   Buy something off of Etsy

41.   Memorize 25 verses of the Bible

42.   Do a better job at doing laundry

43.   Go through all of my clothes and get rid of the ones that don’t fit or I don’t wear very often

44.   Make a point to do little things to bless people

45.   Work on not being bossy to my brothers

46.   Pay for someone else’s food

47.   Get together with my friends more often

48.   Make it a point to thank a soldier if I see one

49.   Possibly start teaching fiddle

50.   Record some of my fiddle/piano/guitar songs

51.   Learn 20 new songs

52.   Go shopping and walk around in Santa Fe downtown (very cute historical part of the city)

53.   Make cookies or bars for my dad to take into his office

54.   Do a better job at praying regularly on my own

55.   Make out prayer lists for my friends and family and ask for specific requests

56.   Do a book or CD giveaway on my blog

57.   Do a better job at keeping the house clean

58.   Help out more whenever I’m needed

59.   Meet someone new

60.   Shoot a coyote

61.   Finish this list

62.   Try 15 different recipes

63.   Make bread on a regular basis

64.   Tell my family that I love them every chance I get

65.   Take the time to stop and enjoy the little things

66.   Build fence

67.   Do a lovely flower/herb garden again

68.   Landscape the front yard (nothing too fancy, but just so it looks nice)

69.   Do some canning

70.   Get my driver’s license

71.   Get my own computer/laptop

72.   Do more embroidery things

73.   Do the Writing Series on my wordpress blog

74.   Finish learning “Fur Elise” the piano

75.   Learn “Ave Maria” on the piano

76.   Learn 5 new chords on the guitar and play them easily

77.   Write up a drama play (script)

78.   Write my own song (lyrics and all)

79.   Expand my sewing skills by sewing up something I’ve never done before

80.   Play my fiddle at least 3 times a week

81.   Learn to drive the horse and buggy

82.   Train my own horse to pull the buggy

83.   Organize underneath my bed, once again

84.   Organize and really clean out my dresser

85.   Dig a ditch for the road

86.   Actually post about the things I’ve crossed off of this list

87.   Make a movie (If the Lord allows)

88.   Make 3 batches of fudge (at different times)

89.   Have at least one sale if I set up my Etsy shop

90.   Help repaint the living room/dining room

91.   Repaint the bathroom

92.   Make a camouflage skirt (just for around the house and for doing chores in)

93.   Start my ministry at the Children’s Hospital

94.   Walk/jog a mile at least once a week

95.   Have lunch with a good friend at least twice

96.   Do the 30 day challenge on the Pilates exercise program

97.   Make THIS recipe

98.   Have a ladies tea

99.   Make 3 freezer meals
100. Make This
101. Get a group together and do a free concert at the Park
102. Do some painting

Whoo hoo! I actually completed this list! (Ha, that's one thing crossed off already!)  Any how.. this really made me think about what I actually want to get done this year!
Do you have any goals you want to reach?
As an update, be watching for the photography winners post! I've got it written but, but I'm working out a few details. :-) So, it's almost here!
It is just beginning to snow... argh.  Usually I would have LOVED the snow. However, we still haven't gotten rid of all the snow from before Christmas. The problem is that our mile long driveway is more like the ditch in the road than an actually ditch.  So, all the snow that the grader pushed up on the side has just been running into the road.  Talk about a MUDDY mess. Ick. It is absolutely awful!  So, I was hoping we'd get it dried out and get a ditch dug along the sides of it (Joshua's and my project). Oh well.  Hopefully it will at least freeze so mom and dad can get down the road.
They went away for the weekend to just spend time together.  Nice for them, and we've had a blast. ;-) *evil grin*.  Ok, ok, we've actually behaved ourselves quite nicely.  We cleaned house and didn't do anything too drastic.. except for the fact that the boys are building weapons.
If that last paragraph concerns you, please don't let it. For one thing, they aren't totally dangerous weapons.  Josh got a book for Christmas called "Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction.".... hmm... ok, you're right. That should scare you.  Especially the look on his face when he opened it! AHHH!!!!!  Ok, I'm calm now.  Then, Caleb got three books. "Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things", "Sneaker Uses for Everyday Things", and "Sneakiest Uses for Everyday Things."  Don't those sound fun?  Certainly not as destructive as Joshua's! ;-)
I hope everyone is enjoying the new year so far!
In Christ's Service,
P.S. Sorry for the weird paragraph formatting. I finished typing my list on here, but started in a Word doc. Somehow it messed up the blogger format or something....


Samantha said...

Loved your list, Sarah! I can't wait to see upcoming posts on each. =)

Haha, the books your brothers' got sounds JUST like something my brother would like!! Right now he has been designing and making his own knives (for looks and outdoor camping purposes only!!)
They are really very well done- your brothers would probably love to see them. =)

Argh, please send that snow HERE! We haven't gotten any measurable snow yet, and there isn't any forcasted either. It's quite sad, really. It doesn't seem like winter at all. =(

Okay,I have to go- we're re-watching Lord of the Rings tonight (we're on the last movie). Once we finish I will have completed my first item off my list! Yay!!


Lilac Bud Gal said...

Thanks! I'm excited about it now! It was sure hard, though, coming up with that many things! haha!

Ooh! That just means we need to get together, right? ;) I have to say that it makes me quite curious as to how in the world he is making them. Making knives sounds like a very meticulous task, or very difficult, to say the least.

I'm trying! It just refuses to budge! And trust me, I'd love to send it your way! I know what it's like. Winter just isn't the same without SOME snow. I'm praying that you get some. :)

OOH! We started watching them again with a friend we went and visited. She had the extended edition of all three (we'd seen 2&3in extended, but not 1). However, we didn't even finish the first one! But, I really want to finish it, now that we've started it! Glad you'll get to cross it off your list!! :)

Love ya!

Mara Wildflower said...

You have a very industrious list! I have to be honest. I'm not sure if I could complete 102 things to do in 2012. I might just go bonkers trying, ha, ha! :)

BTW, are you still using your Word Press account?

Prairie Momma said...

WOW!! What an ambitious list!! I think I might work on a 10 point or 20 point list. I'm too wimpy to write down 100 things (unless I put get out of bed a few times..haha). I do want to encourage you to make the recipe and sew me one, too!! LOVE YOU

Lily Marie said...

Those are all very, very good things!! =) You're definitely going to be busy, and you've given me so many great ideas! I too need to work on becoming a better actress and a lot of the other things you said. Thanks for sharing!
I also need to finish at least one of my books this year. ;) I love writing but I never finish them!

Grace said...

wow, that's a good size list. *wink, wink*

darling, Sarah, thank you SO SO SO much for the support on my are such a sweet friend, and I am so blessed that the Lord gave me dear followers and friends like you!

love ya,
come stop for tea @

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Well, I don't know if I'll complete everything. I tried to keep them simple. Things I felt that I could actually accomplish! ;) Yes, I'm still using my wordpres account. I haven't posted a whole lot, though, because I'm cooking up a little something starting in February. So, keep your eyes open! ;) Thank you for commenting!

Yeah. ;) But, like I told Mara, I tried to keep the things simple and small. I feel I can probably finish everything! (although, I suppose the painting depends on weather or not we actually get to that this year!) Donuts coming right up! I'm thinking that dress is perfect for around the house! Nice and comfy looking. ;) Love you!

Thank you for your comment! :) I'm glad you got some inspiration from the list. You write, too? neat! Yeah, I've got about 15 books started.. but never finished! Course, some of them I started when I was really young, and story line just isn't worth finishing. ;) haha!

Thank you for your comment, dear! It's always wonderfu to have you come visit my Lilac Grove! ;)
You are very welcome. :) Your post was very encouraging to me. I'm glad that the Lord put our paths together and that we got to 'meet'! May He bless you this year, Grace! I will do my best to stop by for a spot o' tea more often. :)

Bethany said...

Great list, Sarah :)

Oh, and don't worry...I haven't forgotten about your question -- I still need to talk with my dad :P

Bethany Joy

Bethany said...

1. Finish the 90 day reading plan. Don't take it in the sense, that I *want* to finish it really soon.... I'm really enjoying it ;) It's just something I'm doing this year.

2. Memorize 2000 new verses... all books that are 6 chapters or shorter in the NT, along with Hebrews (or Romans, Mark or 2 Corinthians) and the 2010 Bible Bee verses. Oh, and add those verses to Memverse.

3. Write more poems. 'Nough said

4. Get my drivers permit. I just need to read that intimadating drivers manual.... how old do you have to be to get your liscence in PA? You have to be at least 15 1/2 over here, but we only have to get 40 hours, not 50. How much has to be night driving?

5. Journal regulary...something I'm terrible at.

6. Participate in the Bible Bee :P

7. Finish Physical and Biology in school and start on Chemistry (I'm really, realy looking forward to Chemistry :P )

8. Read lots of big books.... now I just need to find some
good ones.

9. Practice more on the piano and start working on flute *faithfully* (notice the word "faithfully"...)

10. Write a short summary for every book I read (this was my older siblings' idea, not mine...)

Also, I haven't forgotten about your comment...I just need to talk with my dad about it :P

Bethany Joy