Thursday, February 3, 2011


YEAH!  We had a slumber party!  The guests to this fun thing??  Becca, Joshua, Caleb, and myself! :-)  Can't beat a slumber party with your own siblings...  we have way too much fun. lol!  

So, why a slumber party?  Well, remember me saying it was FREEZING cold and how we needed to bury our heads under the covers to prevent icicles from forming on our noses?  Well, last was even colder than the night before last (and that night we suffered...).   To explain a little better...   We do not use central heating in our house.  We have one lone wood stove that gives us our heat.  Our house is long, rectangular shaped.  The fireplace is on the South side...  while our bedroom (we four kids share one room) is on the FAR North side... Yeah.  So, you can imagine that it gets cold just from the layout.  Not add a few drafty windows, a large room- too large to heat with a small plug-in heater-, and only four bodies.  All that equals FREEZING! ;-)   So, Mom decided that maybe it would be a good idea if we kids slept in the living room.  Their bedroom is small enough that a little plug-in heater will really warm up the room.  Any how, we girls drug our mattresses out to the living room while the boys were quite happy to get to sleep on the furniture.

So, how did it work out?  Well, it was certainly warmer than in the bedroom!  When I ran back to the room to grab something this morning, I almost went into shock- it was SO cold back there.. ;-)
   We only had a few minor incidents (someone accidentally spilling cold water on my head at 2 am, and the dog deciding she wanted to join us.. on the beds!), but otherwise, it was fun.   We didn't stay up too late.. ;-) 

Update on weather:
FREEZING, still tons of snow outside, inside is tolerable.. lol!   We have had more calves (Praise the LORD!), though we really feel sorry for the poor things.  Being out in this weather is bad enough.. arriving in it wet is even worse.  So, please pray we don't lose any to freezing.  We have been able, on several occasions in the past, to get there in time before the calf dies.  We take it back to our house and warm it up.  How?  Stick it in the bathtub with warm water, then lay it in front of the fire until it is on it's feet.  We only have one bathtub, so instead of the normal decisions about who goes first, we are all fighting for the last place!  No one really wants to take a bath after that messy baby has been in there, as you can imagine. ;-)  I may have to dig up some older pictures and post them on here, just so y'all know I am telling the truth.  Or, just for those who are curious about how a calf looks like in a bathtub.. (I'll tell ya... very out of place.)

Hope y'all enjoy your day!!

In Christ's Service,

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