Sunday, February 13, 2011

Keeping it Classy, modest fashion show- Day 1 and a prayer request

Hello!  Today is the first day of Bramblewood Fashion's "Keeping it Classy" modest fashion show!  I am really excited.  There are several other girls who are participating and it was fun to see their outfits for today. 

(Sorry this pic was bad...  It was muddy outside, not to mention that since we took the pictures this evening, it was too dark to take them outside anyway! I hope to get better ones for the rest of the week.)
What I wore today:

~Dark Purple 'blouse' with 3/4 length sleeves- Walmart

~Brown 'dress' skirt- thrift store  (I call it a 'dress' skirt because it used to be one of those dresses with that scrunchy elastic stuff for the bodice-they are strapless.  Well, I bought it for a few bucks, cut off the excess elastic stuff and made a skirt! ;-) )

~Shoes, Sketchers- Foot Smart??? (I don't actually have them on in the picture.. I am not one to wear shoes for very long if I don't have to... lol!)

~Hair is just pulled back into a clip

~Earrings- my original 'diamond' studs

Thank you to my dear sister, Rebecca, for taking the pictures!!!

I would like to ask prayers for my Dad's Aunt Joy.  She was taken to the hospital yesterday because of some stomach pains.  When they did an X-ray, they saw a mass on her stomach.  She will be doing some more tests to see whether the mass is cancerous or not.  Any way, please pray for her that if it is cancer that it will not be painful any more, and that the family will be at peace and draw closer to God during this time. 

On another side note:
We had church today at our friend's house.  After the teaching and lunch, the dad's and us kids headed outside to enjoy the warmer weather.  Someone decided that since there was snow on the ground, we should have a snowball fight.  We got behind the decorative walls in their yard (after dividing into teams- boys against the girl's and two dads) and soon the air was filled with smoke from the canons (or in our case, snow was in the air as people launched balls at each other), screams and shouting, and lots of laughter.  One of the dad's threw a snowball at the same time one of the boys did and they both collided in the air!! It was SO cool. You couldn't have done that if you wanted to.  Needless to say, I suppose a few of us might have bruises tomorrow.. Which tells you why you NEVER have a snowball fight unless you have the proper snow gear on. ;-)  Oh, and never catch a zipping snowball with your hand.  Let me tell you, it HURTS!  Well, if you hand is bare and FREEZING, then it hurts.. lol! (this is also part of why I am not wearing shoes.. they got mud all over them during the snowball fight...)

After we got home, Becca called my attention to my little (or not so little) filly, Freckle, who was running around outside.  She wasn't with the other horses, so I headed out to investigate.  Looked like she had gotten separated from the rest of the herd and was going frantic.  As soon as I stepped outside and called to her, she started nickering to me- it was so sweet!  Then she just followed me like a little lamb as I lead her through some gates and back to her friends.  Poor thing was extremely glad to be with them again. :-)  So, I slipped and slid in mud some more doing that.. But hey, I am really glad for the mud.  Means this snow was worth something! :-) 

How's the weather at your place?  Is it warming up, cooling down, snowing, raining?   I think we will have warm weather the rest of this week (HURRAY!).  The calves will actually be able to arrive in this strange world in decent weather.. lol!

I would love to hear what y'all did today, so leave and comment! :-)

In Christ's Service,


May Amelia said...

I love that you changed the dress to a skirt!!! I make alterations (without a sewing machine lol) all the time and it's awesome! Cute outfit!!
I'll be praying for your great Aunt Joy too!
How's the weather? One word: Glorious. It's m-e-l-t-i-n-g. =D =D =D

Nela said...

Cute outfit! :)

Hope your dad's aunt will get better soon. I'll keep her in my prayers tonight.

The weather is definitely warming up where I live. Pretty soon it'll be nothing but slush on the ground, which isn't really pretty-looking in my opinion. ;)

Take Care!

Libbi H. said...

Hi! I love your outfit...and your blog! I just found it today! I am a new follower :)

KatySue Pillsbury said...

I love the purple/brown combo!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I like your skirt- it is so fun finding something that is one thing, yet being able to make it into something else! LOl!

I'll be praying to your dad's aunt as well.~


Lilac Bud Gal said...

Thank you everyone!! Your comments were all very sweet!

Thank you for the prayers, also, for my great Aunt Joy. They are much appreciated.