Saturday, February 19, 2011

Keeping it Classy, Modest fashion show- Day 7

Well, it is the last day of the Modest Fashion show.  I had a really good time participating in it.  Thank you to all the other girls who also participated!! It was so encouraging to see all of your outfits!  Thank you, also, to those who have been so kind and commented throughout this whole ordeal. :-)  It has been so nice receiving them!

Ok, I would like to introduce a new character to this post. *wink*

Introducing..........  Silly Sally!!!  (for lack of better creativity!!)  For today I got dressed up in 'western duds'.  Why?  I don't know.. I think maybe I just got this 'country' nudge, so maybe?? Any how, I really had fun with it... ;-)

Joshua was my wonderful photographer today.  Thanks, Bud!!   It was definitely fun coming up with poses and whatnot.....  I guess when you are being goofy, you can have more fun!! lol!  Yes, I do NOT like getting pictures taken of me.. unless I can have fun and pose silly.. lol!! Otherwise people always get me with my mouth open, or closed eyes, etc.. yeah.

What I am wearing:

~Brown and black skirt- hand me down

~Black long sleeved shirt- hand me down

~Brown vest- Borrowed from my brother

~Holster- Have no idea....

~Boots- hand me down (though, these really don't fit me.. I just got them on for the pictures...)

~Hat-  Borrowed from my brother... lol!

~Necklace- given to me by a friend.  He makes amazing jewelry!! You should check out his shop HERE.  He makes everything just weaving small rings together.. just like chainmaille!  Pretty neat!

 Loungin' 'round on the haybales

Gettin' ready for a showdown

I wonder where my enemy, Jokin' Jed is right now??

 Peek-a-boo!! (this was my favorite photo...)

Goin' on a carriage ride through the town...

Aha!!! My enemy, Jokin' Jed!!!  He looks ready for a show down!  Who do you think will win? lol!! (This was his idea to be my rival.. ;-) )

Also, Bramblewood Fashion is having another giveaway HERE!!  It is really cute, so go check it out!!

In Christ's Service,
Silly Sally


Nela said...

Great outfit! :) Glad you had a good time with the fashion show.

Emily said...

cute outfit!! I like your braids! Great job!

KatySue Pillsbury said...

I love it, you make a beautiful cow girl!
I'm crushin' on the carrige, that's just plain awesome!

May Amelia said...

LOL! Fun pictures!! =D You look like you are enjoying your "alter ego." Hehe ;)

Trisha said...

Too cute, Sarah!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Thanks!! I hope you had a good time, too!

Thanks for stopping by!! It was my sister's idea to use the ribbon.. thought it was cute. :)

Thank you!! We actually got the carriage from some friends who wanted to get rid of it for cheap. The tires are bike tires, but hey, it is still fun!! :)

Yup!!! Josh and I had lots of fun for this shoot.. until we got caught by the ranch hands!! oops!! lol!

Mrs. P,
Thanks! Stay cozy and tell the kids to get better! :)

Natasha Marie said...

What a fun photoshoot! Looks like something my brother and I would do:)

~Natasha Marie~