Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pictures From Mama's Birthday

Alright!  Here are some pictures from last evening!  Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures at Drama because I thought I'd left the camera at home.  Then, when it was time to leave, I found the camera sitting happily in my purse. Argh.  Oh well! I'll have to get some next time. :-)

So, the day started like any other birthday.  Whoever is the birthday person gets to do whatever they want in the morning (within reason, of course) while the others fix up a nice breakfast.  We kids usually stay in bed and read or something.  Mom got up and did a few things instead.

We made Banana-Pecan pancakes for breakfast with bacon on the side. YUM! We enjoyed some lovely conversation with breakfast, then got ready to leave for Drama. 

We headed out the door, grabbed lunch on the way, and made it!  Drama practice went well. Lots of laughs and fellowship and encouraging one another. It's great. :-)

After drama, we went shopping. Boring. I don't really care for shopping! We got our groceries for the week and came home to dinner, already prepared, that Dad had brought home from a GREAT BBQ place in town called "Rudys". It. Is. The. Best! SOOOOOO good.  They serve brisket.  Oh. My. Words can't describe!!!  And, since they won't, I'll let the pictures do all the talking! haha!

The birthday girl!

 My yummy food.  Potatoes swimming in butter, creamed corn, and BRISKET!!! with the famous Rudy's BBQ sauce!

 Mom got a Pressure Cooker! She's been wanting one for a while.

 Nana and Caleb

A terrible picture of me.... But, I figured I might as well share it. That way a picture of everyone in the family is in this post! ;-)

After dinner, we each take a turn telling the birthday person, in this case, Mama, what we like about her.  I think it's a wonderful tradition. Often times we forget how many things we like about a person and focus only on the negative.. and sometimes that person forgets what they are worth!  So, that is probably my favorite tradition for birthdays. :-)

Thank you to those who wished Mama a happy birthday here and on her blog. :-)
And! Happy February First!!

In Christ's Service,


Lily Marie said...

Happy birthday to your dear mother! =) I love all the pictures. The one of you is so pretty, I love it. ;) Also, I'm sorry I haven't responded in a while-my blog dashboard follower thing was having problems. You probably know how that goes. ;) Well, have a great day my dear sister in Christ!

Prairie Momma said...

Thank you for this lovely post, Dear One. I love our tradition as well and hope that it is always a blessing to you. It is so easy to forget all the things we love about someone, and sadly, it seems even harder to remember to say those things numerous times. So, I do love sitting down at least one time a year and sharing all the things we love and admire about someone.