Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thats What I'm Talking About!

When a girl reaches a certain age, she realizes that it would probably be a good idea to start looking for a car of her own.  Especially if she isn't married (and doesn't see that happening in the near future), and has begun to have her own schedule of sorts.  This is what my dear sister Becs has begun to do.  She has started up her own Pampered Chef business, has her own set of friends separate from the family, and has her own schedule to follow (although she still lives at home and does follow the family schedule of cows and whatnot).  However, if our family needs to go somewhere in the afternoon, but she needs the car for something else, we can be in a bit of a predicament. So, she's begun looking at different cars.  Her idea of what she would like is something like this:

I think it's a nice car. It will hold several people, is spacious, but not huge like a suburban. 

So, I decided that I should start looking as well.  I mean, that way I can start saving up so that by the time I have my license and need a car of my own, I'll have enough money to buy one. 

A practical thing to do would be to get a smaller car, or a vehicle similar to the one my sister is looking at.  However, freeways scare me if I am in something smaller than our Excursion.  Thus, why I'm looking at this right here:

Now, that's what I'm talking about!!  I don't know why, but I've always thought it would be cool to own my own truck.  I'm not your 'small car' type of girl. Although I could live with one if I needed to, I prefer something a bit larger.  And, as I don't think a Marauder would fit in my budget, and Hummers are way too square and bulky, a truck would be next in line.  Not to mention that we could always use it here on the ranch to haul trailers, feed cows, etc. 

Lots of girls are probably raising their eye brows at me right now, and I don't blame them.  But, I'm just not your typical girly girl.  Granted, I do enjoy being feminine, dressing up in frilly clothes, and being treated like a lady.  However, sometimes my ranch girl takes over. :-) If hay bales need to be bucked, I'll get out there a do it.  If a cow needs to be rounded up, I'll do it.  If I need to get down in the mud to fix a water tank, I'll do it.  So, that's just about it. :-)

Of course, we'll see if the truck dream actually comes true.. However, that's what I'm aiming for right now. :-) 

Are any of you saving up for something big, even if it isn't a car?

In Christ's Service,


Jessica said...

This is great!! Trucks are awesome. :) I just bought a '94 convertible.... for 300 dollars. Oh yeah. ;) Long story there lol.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think it would be fun to own a big truck, too! I also like the kind of vehicle you showed before, too.
I'm not saving up for a vehice (we already have several that we "collected" over the years and kept up), so right now I'm just saving my money for when I might need it. =)

Carolyn said...

I must confess... I am the same type of girl. I am not a girly girl, but nor am I a Tom Boy. I just don't dress up as much as other girls, I don't like the really frilly, blingy (if that is even a word) styles that are popular right now.
We are talking about what kind of car to save up for so that we can upgrade my little car one of these years. I can say I am not a mini van Mom. I have to have something else. We have even kind of talked about a small truck... we'll have to wait and see though.

Marissa said...

I'm actually partial to trucks myself. Some one in my family has to have a truck, whether it's my dad, brother, or someday my husband. They're pretty sweet! =)

Tangerine-Tane said...

I hope that you get the truck you want! :) Did you say your older sister is now moving onto a chef-like life? My sister too! She'll be a professional chef by the age of 18. ;)
Thanks for your sweet and lovely comment on my blog, Lilac Bud! :) I really appreciate it.
Lots of love