Monday, December 19, 2011

Thoroughly Blessed

I think I am one of the most blessed people in the world.  God has given me mercy SO many times.  He sent His only Son to save a sinner like me who deserved nothing but eternity in hell.
  He has blessed me with an AMAZING family.  I really don't know what I would do without them.
As I brought some presents I had just wrapped to put under the tree, Caleb spotted one for him.  He started teasing me, trying to get me to tell him what it was.  He tried shaking it, lifting it so see how much it weighed, etc. Just like a typical little boy. :-)
   Any how, I told him that I "hope you like it."  He looked at me and said, quite solemnly, "Of course I'll like it because you gave it to me."
  My heart was filled with joy.  He is such a sweet boy.  Really. One of the best things that happens around Christmastime is how he deals with all the gifts.  Often times, the little guys can lose focus of why we are celebrating Christmas with all those gifts under the tree.  Caleb, however, is more excited about what he got YOU than what you are giving HIM.  It is truly a joy to see that selfless joy and happiness in him.  His gifts are really special, too.  Typically it will be little things, like a picture, or an origami piece that he did all by himself, or some other little creation of his. And you know what?  I think those are the best gifts.  They come from the heart with love poured into each gift. His enthusiasm as we open his gift is really sweet to behold.
I have my other amazing family members that I just have to tell about.  First of all, my Daddy drove the icky weather this morning to get into town for a job interview.  I know he probably would have preferred to stay home and get some much needed tasks done on the ranch, but he went in town instead.  He is such an amazing provider, and the best midnight talker around! He's always willing to stay up until midnight to help me sort through my problems. :-)

Then I have my beautiful, selfless, beautiful, caring, beautiful, sweetest, and most wonderful Mama in the world! (did I mention that she's beautiful?) When going through some tough times in my walk with the Lord, she was right there praying for me.  She has been my best friend for as long as I can remember.  She was the one I always told my secrets to, the one who was there to offer advice when something happened, and the one who was always willing to listen to my problems, even if she's already in bed and ready to go to sleep.

My wonderful sister.  Wow, there's so much!!!!  For one thing, she just celebrated her 21st birthday!!!  Can you believe it??  (don't worry, there's a birthday post coming up!) I certainly can't.  We've had lots of transitioning in our relationship. Playmates, to young adults, to the best friends in the world.  She's probably one of the few people who can put up with me, and still love me.  Being able to share a room with her is a huge blessing in its self.  For one thing, I tend to be the messier of the pair.. and she's there to remind me, gently, to pick up my side of the room.  I think her organized living style is finally rubbing off on me, though!  Then, she's right there to talk, giggle, and cry long into the night with me.  She's got the wittiest sense of humor.  It doesn't matter how hard I try to say something back to her, she's always got one to top it... and you know what, I don't mind!  Besides, I probably wouldn't be able to get anything said any way because she usually has me doubled over in laughter with the things she says.

Joshua is a pretty great kid.  Ok, maybe not great.... Just kidding! And I don't think I could call him a kid any more.  16 years old sounds more like a young man, and since he acts more like a young man than a kid, I think he is entitled to that title. ;-)  He is SUCH a hard worker.  He would prefer to be out working than inside doing anything else.  He makes me laugh when I'm upset, and loves me for the crazy person that I am. He loves talking to me about guns, fight scenes in movies, and how to fix a car (most of it, I don't typically understand, but I enjoy listening to his enthusiasm on the subjects.).  He is my favorite Joshua in the whole wide world!

Of course, I said a few things about Caleb, but besides his selfless attitude during Christmas, he is one of the funniest guys around.  Somehow, turning 11 made him into this very witty person.  He and Becca could almost compete in a 'witty' competition. He comes pretty close to hers.  He is super creative.  He will bring out his clay creations and totally amaze me.  One time he made all the characters from a Wii game called Mario Kart.  The accuracy and detail totally stunned us.  He's a great artist, loves his chickens, enjoys being outside, and has enough energy to run a steam boat across the Atlantic.

I know I've done these family posts before, but I think it's great to spend time telling about their good qualities.  I mean, let's face it.  Everyone as their 'bad side', and too often we can focus on just that instead of all the wonderful things about them.  So, you will probably be seeing these in the future!

Are you feeling blessed this Christmas season?  If so, how?

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas filled with the Lord's blessings! And, for those who want it, lots of snow!  It has been snowing all day here.  Just that lovely, soft falling, snow.  Looks like a ranch-like winter wonderland!

In Christ's Service,


Anonymous said...

Very sweet post, Sarah! Reading all about your family makes me want to meet them (and you!) even more!!
I hope that sometime we will be able to spend time together in person. =)

I must say, too, that I am quite jealous of your snow!! We have only had flurries so far, and those are even few and far between. It has been in the 40's/ high 30's almost all of December. I am praying SO hard for a white Christmas, though! A brown Christmas just isn't the same. =(
Send some snow our way, ok??

Merry Christmas, Sarah!


Prairie Momma said...

Thank you, Dear Daughter, for the beautiful post. You described your family beautifully (especially your Mama haha), and it brings such joy to my heart to know how much you love them and they love you!!! You are all such a blessing to me!!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

I hope we will be able to meet in person someday, too!!

Well, I stood on top of the hill and blew as hard as I could to try to send those clouds your way! haha! I'll be praying you have a white Christmas, because I agree that a brown Christmas just isn't the same. :) Have a wonderfully Merry Christmas, dear friend!

Thank you! Yes, I think I described you pretty well, though I could take up a whole, long post telling all about you. :) I love you tons!!!!!!