Monday, December 5, 2011

Help please?

Ok, I'm trying to get a picture video to load, but it won't work.  How do you bloggers do it?? ;-)  I put together some pictures into a video using Windows Movie Maker and Vegas Platinum 7.0 (two different videos to see which program worked), but alas, it didn't work.  I was able to get it to 'upload', but then it said some error happened during the upload and it wouldn't play back.  I don't know if it is because our Internet wasn't working or what. So, does any one else have this problem?

I'd dearly love to put together some  pictures videos for you (for one, they upload faster than hundreds of pictures, and I can put music to them!).

So, if you have some help for me, I appreciate it VERY much!!! :-)

As for an update, our family is now home and "enjoying" this freezing cold weather! haha!  The wind is blowing something awful and the snow is swirling around and around.  It's actually funny to look outside right now because we have two foot drifts there, and then hardly anything on the ground here.  It's all splotched everywhere like that!  The wind just swirls the snow into drifts instead of a nice even coat (which I MUCH prefer!).  It's frustrating because this wind is 'drying out' the snow, per se. I know that sounds odd, but it wicks the moisture out and back into the air instead of letting the ground soak it up to store away for spring.  Argh.  Hopefully we will get some wet snow so that our cows will have something to eat in the spring/summer.....  How is the weather at your place?

Thanks for your help on the computer predicament.... ;-)

Keeping warm, (well, trying to any how, but not succeeding very well... my fingers are frozen anyhow and it's a miracle I can keep typing!)


mosey said...

I use "One True Media" which is free and EASY to use. :)

Joshua Hoppman said...

There should be a "upload video" button on your screen when your composing a post. What format did you render the video to? WMV? AVI? MP4?

Cassie said...

You might want to try uploading your video to youtube and then embedding it into your post.

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Mosey, thanks! Unfortunately my video was too long to use it for free.... But thanks for the tip! I might use it in the future for shorter vids.

Yup, I used that, but once it loaded, it said there was an error.. I think I had it in AVI format (from Vegas), but have no idea what it did it to from the movie maker.

Yeah, I thought about that... but then, I hated to put other people's face on youtube where more people are likely to see them (as opposed to ehre on my blog). But, I might have to do that!

Joshua Hoppman said...

OK, so that explains it. AVI is too much (The file size is too large), for blogger videos to handle. So re-render the movie to WMV and it should upload no problem. If that doesn't work you might want to try vimeo. Vimeo is a lot more secure website with not as much junk.
Oh, and FYI: blogger will lower the quality of your video.

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Ok, thanks! I will try that and see if it hopefully works. Thanks for helping out! :)
Yeah, I kind of noticed that.. ;)