Friday, December 30, 2011

Sale at!

Sorry to do two posts at once, but I wanted to share with my lady readers that is having a year-end sale! Everything is 15% off.  So, if you've had your eye on something, now is the time to get it!! :-)

Also, if you post about it, you get a free download.. ;-)

So, go check it out!



Ella said...

I would love to by a regency dress pattern,but my Mom's sewing machine is sadly broken.
I didn't know if you post about it you get a free download!
Is that a dollar download or any download?

Lilac Bud Gal said...

I think that it is for any download... If you go to you can read her post about the year end sale and she gives all the details. Then, in a comment reply to one of her customers, I believe she said any download..... Hope that helps!

Ella said...

Thanks Miss Sarah!
I went on her website and left a comment.
Happy Newyears!