Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Interviews with Miss Sonja and Miss Ashley

I do apologize for not putting this up yesterday! I'm afraid things were a little crazy.  My Mom and Sister were away all day, so I was holding down the fort.  Not that it is SUPER difficult, but I decided that being on the computer a lot wasn't a wise idea. Any how... I have two interviews for you today. 

Miss Sonja runs the blog Girlish Musings.  I have been a follower of her blog for quite a while now and really enjoy reading her posts. She also does some amazing photography, so be sure to check out her blog!

Miss Ashley runs Bramblewood Fashion.  As the title may suggest, she does a lot of fashion things.  She has done several posts on different clothes she has combined for several looks, or great sites to get clothes, and (my favorite of her posts!) some of her vintage styled clothing! 

First up for the interview is Miss Sonja! 

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I'm Sonja--a country girl at heart, lover of all things beautiful, and a
firm believer that food is art. I'm a self proclaimed passionate optimistic
life-enthusiast and can usually be found with a camera in hand.
When did you first begin blogging?

I began my blog in April of 2010 in an attempt to create a place where I
could write about my life. I had *absolutely* no idea about the amazing
friends I would make, how I would grow, and what Girlish Musings would develop into
*as I grew*.

What is your favorite thing to do on your blog?
I love sharing photos and blogging about everyday life and simplicities.
 How long have you been blogging?

 Like I mentioned earlier I began blogging in April of 2010 which means
 (quick mental calculation) I've been blogging for a year and a half!
 Do you have any suggestions for fellow Bloggers?

 I like to keep things simple. If you want to be a successful blogger keep
 it real and be yourself.

Anything else you would like to share?
Nothing really, except that I want to thank Miss Sarah and her sister, Miss Rebecca, for this opportunity! :-) Thanks so much girls!

Below is Ashley's interview

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Hello! My name is Ashley. I'm twenty-one years old. I’m a born again Christian and was raised in a Christian home. Growing up I was home-schooled Preschool thru High School - I loved it and plan on homeschooling my kids, Lord willing. When I’m not blogging on my blog, Bramblewood Fashion or any of my other blogs, I may be working on new designs for my Etsy shop, sewing, painting, baking, or serving others in my Church. I love watching old movies. Adore vintage clothing, well anything vintage {example: cars, TV Shows, kitchens, buttons, etc...}. My siblings are my best friends. When ever I have the chance, I love traveling across America {and once over to London, UK}!

When did you first begin doing your etsy shop?

I started my etsy shop last June. So one year now. But, I have been sewing for others since 2007.

What is your favorite thing to make in your shop and why?

I LOVE making skirts! Every girl needs one, and they are fun & easy to make.

How long have you been on Etsy?

I've been on Etsy for one year and three months.

What inspired you to start you Etsy shop?

After graduating from High-School in 2009 I needed to find a way to earn money. I decided to do that by doing what I love - sewing and creating modest clothing. I like the idea of working from home {I dislike working outside of the home}, and being my own boss. So in June of 2010 I opened up my Etsy shop, after being in the blog world for about a year.

Do you have any suggestions for fellow Etsians?

I'm far from being a experience Etsy owner, but I do have one tip. Don't be discouraged when you don't sell anything. It took me months to sell one of my skirts. Just keep praying for your shop and don't give up hope. The people will eventually come.

Anything else you would like to share?

Thank you, for interviewing me, Sarah! :-)

Thank you ladies!!  Alright, be sure to check back tomorrow for our giveaway! This time we have 2 prizes! One from Miss Sonja and one from Miss Ashley.  I put them together because.. well, they just kind of went together. :-)

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