Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Giveaway #3- Desktop background and Designed Blog Header

Alright, our bath tea and soap giveaway is now closed!  All entries posted now will not be accepted.

For our second giveaway, I mentioned in the last post that I would be combining two contributors.  This one will be a tad different. You (the winner) will be talking to 2 different people while getting your prize. Confusing? Well, maybe the info below will make more sense.

Miss Sonja has graciously donated a lovely Desktop Background.  You will get to choose 1 of 3 designs she has.  I will be posted just one picture of one of the desktops. I ask you to be honest, though, and do not take this picture.  Whoever wins this giveaway will be sent a larger picture (that will fit your desktop). If you use the one below, it won't look very nice on your screen.


Miss Ashley is going to make the winner a free blog header design! Trust me, she does some lovely work!  This is definitely a nice gift to win, especially if you want your blog to have that 'certain touch'. ;-)

Ok, rules of entry:

Mandatory Entry:

Visit Miss Sonja's blog and leave a comment (link)
Visit Miss Ashley's Etsy shop and tell me what your favorite item is on there (link)

Extra Entries:

Go to Miss Sonja's Blog and follow (if you already follow, just put that in the comment) ~2 entries
Go to Miss Ashley's Blog and follow (Same as above) ~ 2 entries
Go Follow my Sister's Blog (same as above) ~4 entries
Add the photography contest button to your side bar (if you already have it, still counts, just let me know) ~ 5 entries! 
Blog about this giveaway AND the photography contest ~ 5 entries
Email five (5) friends about this giveaway/photography contest ~3 entries

Alright, this giveaway ends Next Wednesday, so be sure to enter quickly and spread the word about it!!
Winner of our previous giveaway will be posted tomorrow.

In Christ's Service,

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Ella said...

I am following your sister's blog and I have an autumn glory phtot contest button on my sidebar.