Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Down life's pathway

While traveling down life’s pathway,
The road, it seems so rough.
To know which way to go,
Oh, why must it be so tough?

Which path should I choose;
The smooth or full of gravel?
I sit here and muse,
Just which way should I travel?

I have no map to guide me,
Nor stars to chart my course.
And as far as I can see,
This just makes matters worse.

A stranger passes me by,
Stops, and gives me a little book.
I have no choice but to comply,
And give the pages a look.

As I read the pages within,
I begin to find to my personal Guide.
He gently gives me what I need,
And walks right by my side.

Though His lantern gives little light,
I trust Him for each step I take.
For me to know, it’s not my right,
And so I follow my Guide.

In His presence, I feel so humble,
He always shows His love and mercy.
And when upon a rock I stumble,
He always lifts and helps me.

I know He’ll ever be my Guide,
And show me what I need to know.
He will never leave my side,
Whichever way I go.

This one came to me today.... I am not exactly very good at poetry. I mean, I certainly can't sit down and write it all the time like some can. However, every once in a while, God gives me one, so I write them down.  I hope you enjoy this one.

Thank you, also, to those who have sent sweet notes full of love and comfort.  I really appreciate them! :-)

In Christ's Service,


Prairie Momma said...

I really like this poem, and I want to thank you for sharing it with everyone. It's been a hard couple of years, but it's so wonderful that HE has given you this reminder that HE is your Guide through anything life throws at you!!! I love you!!!

PrincessR said...

That was really pretty! Good job! :D:D


Ellie said...

Absolutley gorgeous!!! Words so inspired by the true Creator!! You have such talent with words that really sink down into the soul!! You really are a natural!! Love you my friend!! MLE!!!!! ☺

Petra said...

Your poem was really good, Sarah! It really is well put! You're in my thoughts and prayers, and I know that God will help you to trust in Him, and that He'll give you His comfort. :)

Lilac Bud Gal said...

Thank you!! He HAS been wonderful. I think this is why the poem was brought to mind.. He made me understand that, sure it's been tough, but He has been there with us!

Thanks sis!! Love you!

Thank you dear! I am glad you enjoyed it. Love you bunches back!

Hurray! I am glad you were able to comment. :) Thank you so very much. I don't think I could write this professionally, but every once in a while is nice. :) Blessings!