Saturday, August 10, 2013

Not the Best Birthday in the World, but Still a Birthday...

Today (the 10th) was my Dad's birthday. Most birthdays begin by the birthday person getting breakfast in bed, gifts from the family, and an overall abundance of pampering (if possible).

Dad's birthday had to start a little differently this year. We were up at 4:30 a.m. to get out the door for the first day of selling corn at a farmer's market in ABQ. Y'all might remember me mentioning something about this market from last year. This is our second year of doing it. It is lots of work, but enjoyable- and that is probably because we all get to be together. :-)

Anyway, Dad's birthday started with an early wake up call. We quickly got dressed, rushed out the door, picked up our trailer full of corn and headed to town. His 'breakfast in bed' was an egg burrito hurriedly eaten while standing (customers are lining up, you tend to just get the food down as quickly as possible).

At about 10:30, Mom and Dad left the market to head home and clean up. Dad had to go to a couple of county fair auctions for his work. So, add 'work' to the list of birthday hoo-rah's. :-)

However, even with the 'unusual' birthday day, and maybe not so pleasant early morning, my dad stayed true to his ornery self. It was a wonderful lesson to me that even when life doesn't go the way we expect it to or want it to, life keeps going and you have two choices. You can either let it hit you in the face, or you can hold you head high and keep on going with a good attitude. :-) Even though my dad isn't huge on tradition, it is still fun to have your birthday set aside as a special day.

Happy birthday to the most wonderful man in my life right now! You are an amazing example to me daily. I see you carrying the cross on your narrow road, and I see you doing it with a joyful and happy spirit. Thank you for being such a provider for our family, for being a loving father to me, and a protector.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! =D


Lydia said...

Very sweet tribute to your Dad!
Today is Josiah's birthday too!! He is now nine years old!
God Bless!
Mrs Hoppman

Rachelle Raymond said...

Wonderful post my dear friend!! These fathers of ours are such fabulous role models for us!

Love ya!

Maellen said...

What a wonderful post to honor your daddy. He must be very blessed to have you and your siblings for his kiddos and your mom for his wife. He is obviously loved and cherished. Wish him a belated happy birthday from the Blodgetts!! (And email me where and when you sell the corn!) LOts of love~

Alicia Willis said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Heckendorn (John). Hope this new year of life is extra wonderful!